Hey, there are a few great things about camping out permanently at IKEA: you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up, and you could eat those Swedish meatballs every day.

We generally feel that IKEA’s sample showrooms, with their funky patterns and charmingly named furniture (ah, POANG … how could we ever forget you) are mesmerizing enough, but the Scandinavian lifestyle purveyors have kicked it up a notch over the past few months, bringing in hypnotist Justin Tranz to help a few people imagine themselves not only creating their future bedroom or bathroom spaces, but also getting married and raising families at the massive stores.

In the final installment of IKEA’s experiment, couple Jeff and Beth manage to experience 20 years’ time within a few hours, thanks to a couple of child actors and Tranz’s trances. While curled up in one of IKEA’s model bedrooms (which kinda makes us wonder: Given the success of the IKEA-themed train, do you think anyone has tried to deck out an IKEA-themed love hotel yet?), Jeff pops the question, and moves to two other IKEA rooms—in one, he tries to explain the mysteries of the birds and the bees to his (fictional) five-year-old son, and in the other, attempts to persuade his (also fictional) fifteen-year-old son not to practice his electric guitar so loudly.

Check out the video below to see just what else Jeff and Beth learn as they sleepwalk their way through IKEA: