TOPIKEA Turns Monorail into “Party Train” for Two Days

IKEA Turns Monorail into “Party Train” for Two Days

By Alec Jordan

Think about walking into a train furnished in colorful, homey IKEA designs and you might never dread the commute to work again!

The Swedish furniture company gave an entire monorail line a makeover with a fresh look, with mismatched couch patterns, throw pillows, colorful carpets, curtains, paper lamps and coffee tables.

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The pop-up “commuting showroom” was set up to celebrate the opening of a new IKEA near Tachikawa Station in Tokyo, complete with food and drinks to resemble a party.

Photo: Ryutsuu
Photo: Ryutsuu


Photo: naniinu_
Photo: naniinu_

The “IKEA party train” ran through the Tama Monorail Line for just two days before it went back to its usual dull interior. According to Japanese site Ryutsuu, Ikea Family Members were selected via raffle to get seats on the Party Train.

Photo: Ryuutsu
Photo: naniinu_

IKEA stores are known for their home-like showroom setting, giving customers a familiar sense associated with the coziness of their own homes. And those meatballs…

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