What do poop and cherry blossoms have in common? “They are both fleeting yet beautiful.” That is the message from Unko Museum Tokyo, a poop-orientated entertainment facility in Odaiba. The surprisingly cute museum recently announced a new event coming soon titled, “Full Bloom!! Unko Sakura 2024.” It hosted a sakura festival last year, but this one is expected to be even bigger and better. The facility will be decked out in pink to celebrate the extremely popular, yet short-lived cherry blossom season. The event is set to run between March 12 and April 14.  

Poop Cherry Blossoms From a Volcano  

The centerpiece of the museum is its unko volcano, which is hosting a special interactive projection mapping exhibition. Titled, “let’s make the poop cherry blossoms bloom together,” it will feature music, fun choreography and chants of “unko” and “sakura.” The projection-mapped cherry blossoms develop from bud to full bloom alongside the chanting. Eventually, the volcano erupts, spilling out several spongy cherry blossom-colored poops. When the lights come back, guests can take Instagrammable pictures of the fully-bloomed cherry blossoms. Followers of the Unko Museum’s Instagram or X page can receive a special spring-exclusive pink sticker.  

About the Unko Museum 

The Unko Museum was first opened temporarily in Yokohama in March 2019. It was only supposed to run until July of that year, but proved so popular, the date was extended to September. Due to its success, the museum also followed through with plans to establish a permanent museum on the second floor of the shopping mall, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, in Odaiba. The concept is based around “Max Unko Kawaii,” meaning “the maximum cuteness of poop.” It is divided into several zones and also features a rainbow-coloured souvenir shop named Unko Factory. 

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