It made Japanese and Western news, mostly because it was weirdly something we didn’t know we needed.

After the opening of a temporary exhibition in Yokohama last spring brought a surprising amount of visitors, the place meant to be enjoyed mainly by children took Instagram by storm. It was impossible to scroll without running into a golden, perfectly plumpy turd. And unsurprisingly, a permanent Unko Museum opened earlier this month is Odaiba, fulfilling everybody’s needs of experiencing their trip to the bathroom with an extravagantly cute twist.

What to expect? All the poop-loving fun you saw at the Yokohama location – an arcade full of poop-themed quick games and a store with exclusive merchandise (and a lot of it). Get your hands on exclusive cookies, T-shirts and make sure to leave with the museum’s ikiteiru song stuck in your head.

TW had the chance to take a peek at everything this museum has to offer. We went hard – and we have it on camera.