In the last month of 2021, Chiba is celebrating the holiday with some sparkly lights and winter flowers. Shops and restaurants bring out their Christmas specials, offering some great feasts that should make anyone jolly. Here’s what’s new in Chiba in December 2021.

Seasonal events

new in Chiba

A spectacular Winter Illumination at Tokyo German Town

One of the most extravagant illumination events in Chiba takes place at Tokyo German Town. The vast park will shimmer in bright lights throughout the holidays and until March 21, 2022.

This year they are hosting a special illumination show which displays an animation of a pegasus flying in the evening sky. They’ll even have smoke and spotlights to build up the atmosphere. This particular event is held until February 5, so time your trip well.

Besides the winter illumination, the park also has many other exciting events including a thrilling night ride inside a world of dinosaurs and an exhibition of giant lanterns.

When: Until Mar 21
: 419 Nagayoshi, Sodegaura

new in Chiba

A Fairy Tale Experience at the Funabashi Andersen Park

As the name suggests, Funabashi Andersen Park is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen. The location is not arbitrary, as Funabashi has a sister city relationship with Odense in Denmark, Andersen’s birthplace.

On December 19, the park’s iconic windmill will have artificial snowfall for a White Christmas. From December 18 to 26, there’ll be a Christmas market offering all sorts of festive goods and food including a traditional Danish treat called Ebleskiver. There will also be candle and decoupage-making workshops.

Where: 525 Kanehoricho, Funabashi

new in Chiba

Sea of Daffodils at Kyonan

One of the fleeting natural beauties you’ll find starting from the end of December until early February is the gentle daffodil. Located on the Boso Peninsula, the area of Kyonan boasts many spectacular spots to view daffodils blossoming. Okuzure Suisen village is particularly beautiful, offering some of the most astonishing views of daffodils covering an entire mountain slope.

When: Until early Feb
Where: 1399-3 Okuzure, Kyonan, Awa District

Food & Drink

new in Chiba

A Delicious Sweets Buffet at Salon de Sweets, Ikspiari

Located next to Tokyo Disneyland, the shopping complex Ikspiari is a great place for a Christmas shopping spree. Ikspiari is hosting many Christmas-themed events while shops have already started offering Christmas specials. The sweets buffet is one of the most decadent pampering experiences we recommend.

Until December 25 Ikspiari is hosting a Christmas Fair, serving sweets such as pistachio brownies, cream cheese brûlée and yuzu-infused rolled cakes. Between December 23 and 25, the buffet will also add more Christmas desserts and savory dishes to the menu, including pistachio Mont Blanc, Yule log cake and a Stollen-inspired cake. They’ll even serve roast turkey to make it more festive.

When: Until Dec 25
Where: 1-4 Maihama, Urayasu

Order Your Christmas Bird from Funakara, Funabashi

While celebrating Christmas with a bucket full of KFC chicken may be typical in Japan, this year, why not try an even more Japanese twist and eat karaage chicken? Funakara is a popular chain of karaage take-out shops found across Chiba, with the main store in Funabashi, just outside the Funabashi Andersen Park. Until Christmas, they are offering a special box of karaage, perfect for your Christmas feast.

When: Until Dec 25
Where: 649-61 Toyotomicho, Funabashi

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