If you’ve been susceptible to the cold weather and winter blues, fret not as Koupen-chan is here to save the day with the cute Koupen-chan hand warmer. This baby emperor penguin plushie goes beyond just sitting pretty as it is functional and perfect for this season. You can place the rechargeable body warmer inside the toy and the entire piece can be used as a gentle hand or body warmer. Keep Koupen-chan close by your side while you work or cuddle it as you lie on the couch to Netflix and genuinely chill. Weighing just 270 grams, Koupen-chan can also be taken outside or placed discreetly inside a large coat pocket.

Survive Cold Japan Winters with Koupen-chan

According to manufacturer Bandai Namco Group, from the moment you turn on the switch, it takes only two minutes until your penguin pal starts warming you up. There are also low and high temperature settings, allowing you to adjust the heat based on your environment. The Koupen-chan warmer is USB-C rechargeable and also cordless, allowing it to stay warm independently for up to 10 hours. Preorders for the Koupen-chan hand warmer can be made at the Premium Bandai online store by January 31. It’s priced at ¥6,600, including tax.

Who is Koupen-chan?

For those unfamiliar with this character, Koupen-chan is a baby emperor penguin that was created by Japanese illustrator Rurutea back in 2017. Its name “Koupen” is a portmanteau of Koutei Pengin, meaning emperor penguin. It’s also a play on words, as the kanji for koutei loosely translates as “positive,” so it means “positive penguin.”

The adorable little bird aptly represents its namesake as the artwork of Koupen-chan typically depicts it praising its owner for the simplest things in life such as waking up or even just simply existing. This cute and positive penguin went viral a few years ago and it remains popular to this day. You’ll find it in Line sticker packs and various merchandise around Japan. It has even featured in exhibitions. 

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