If you’ve ever wanted to do your bit for the conservation of Japanese fauna while also having something adorable in your home, this cute Giant Japanese Salamander plushie might just be the thing for you.

Japanese Giant Salamander

A Giant Japanese Salamander. They can reach lengths of up to 5 ft long.

Giant Japanese Salamander Conservation by The Gaming Beaver

The plushie represents the species itself, a fully aquatic amphibian endemic to Japan. With a length of up to 5 feet, the Japanese giant salamander represents the third-largest salamander species in the world. However, due to the effects of pollution, habitat loss and invasive species, its numbers have dwindled to a point where it is now recognized as a Special Natural Monument and Treasure of Japan. Introgressive hybridization with the Chinese variety of salamanders (imported during the 1970s as a food source) is also said to have resulted in 95% of captured giant salamanders in Japan being categorized as hybrids.

These particular plushies are being produced by James Beavers, also known as The Gaming Beaver online. Known for his video game content and general fascination with animals, Beavers has also bridged entertainment and education through his interviews with actor Jeff Goldblum from the Jurassic Park franchise and famed paleontologist Jim Kirkland. Represented by talent agency GeeXPlus, Beavers is keen to push out his distinctive blend of content with a hint of Japanese flair. In this instance, the plushies were created to support Sustainable Daisen, a non-profit organization with the goal of protecting and conserving the Japanese giant salamanders in the town of Daisen and beyond. All proceeds of the plushie will go towards conservation efforts as well as education and preservation of the salamanders’ natural environment.

Where to get your very own giant salamander plush toy

You can purchase your own giant salamander plush toy directly from The Gaming Beaver’s own online store found here.

The design of the plushie is meant to be adorable but also to showcase some of the hardships that the salamanders go through. Each item comes with an exclusive plush bag to eliminate the use of plastics. To find out more about Sustainable Daisen’s initiatives, you can check out the video below.

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