Running is serious business in Japan. More than 35,000 runners from around the world sign up for the Tokyo Marathon every year. According to, Japan’s runners spend more than $6 billion on athletic footwear every year. Given the popularity, runners of every type can be seen jogging throughout Tokyo. However, the city’s running paths might not be easy to find to avid runners visiting from overseas.

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When the weather is perfect and the urge to run takes over, here are five scenic locations in Tokyo where one can get the most out of their run.

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Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace has been a popular running destination for experienced and new runners alike. The 5km loop around the scenic palace grounds makes tracking your run a breeze. Without the use of any new-fangled gadgets or GPS jogging pedometer trackers you can easily track your run around this Tokyo landmark.

No matter the time of year the Imperial palace is full of visitors and other runners alike, but for those who want to test out this legendary running track make your way down to these sacred grounds with your best running shoes on.



Yoyogi Park

One of the biggest parks in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is a must-visit location for travelers to Tokyo, but the park’s massive grounds and beautiful surroundings make it a great place for a run. Yoyogi Park has massive weaving paths that lead from its entrance to the cherry blossom groves, water fountains and beyond.

The park sees its fair share of runners and thus you won’t be the only person on the path to fitness, but unlike the Imperial Palace, Yoyogi Park is more tucked away from the wondering eyes of passing cars and watchers, giving you a little more privacy.

As Yoyogi Park has tons of vending machines, bathrooms and benches, it’s a convenient place for an afternoon jog. The paths are superbly maintained and in a park as big as Yoyogi, your run is only limited to your stamina.


Meguro River

Meguro River is one of the most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo as rows of cherry blossom trees line the river’s banks. Meguro’s 8km stretch of river also makes a pretty good jogging route. The road that runs adjacent to Meguro River is a smooth run, and apart from the occasional crossing, the road goes pretty much interrupted. There are also various shops, restaurants and cafés that make perfect little rest spots along the way.

While springtime does have amazing views of cherry blossoms, something that would, of course, make an amazing backdrop to your Tokyo run, remember at this time the Meguro River is also at its most crowded. For those who like a little speed in their step when jogging, perhaps an early morning run to beat the crowds would be best.

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Koganei Park

Located a little outside the main Tokyo hub, Koganei Park is a huge space of nature usually devoid of any tourists. The park’s massive grounds and cherry blossom groves make it very similar to Yoyogi Park in where you can create your own jogging routes surrounded by nature. However, unlike Yoyogi Park, Koganei is less trafficked (unless its cherry blossom season), thus making it a little easier to get in a good work out.

For those with families, the park also has many play areas and its where the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum is located, so it also makes for a nice family day out.


Tama River

The second river on the list, and for good reason. While the Meguro River is beautiful, the river itself is fenced off. The Tama River is located away from the center of Tokyo, and because of this there is way more space for a pleasant jog. The river isn’t fenced off by any means, and the surrounding areas are beautiful – teeming with nature and the occasional vending machine or small store.

As you’re jogging near the Japanese countryside, the rules of the countryside apply – give a little greeting to all who you pass. Tokyo not only offers great places to run, but also friendly fellow runners willing to share their path.


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