November means one thing in Tokyo: Christmas. Without having to wait for the pesky Thanksgiving holiday or the annual mayhem of Black Friday or the birth of baby Jesus, Tokyo has the luxury of beginning Christmas promotions whenever they feel (the Philippinians start in September). So with Halloween out of the way, let the sleigh bells ring.

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

Edo kiriko is a style of glassware native to Tokyo in which intricate floral patterns are carved in sake cups, vases, etc. Tokyo Dome City launches its annual illumination festivities, including interactive light shows in which, like a giant kaleidoscope, people’s movement alter the Edo kiriko pattern projected on the ground.

52nd Annual Hino Sangyo Festival

Take the family to western Tokyo to this sports park near the Tama River and enjoy the autumn season to its fullest with farm-to-market produce stands, miniature horse petting, a car show, Toyoda beer, and more.

Bangarra Dance Theatre Performance

Experience Australia’s Aboriginal culture with this dance celebration of island life. The repertoire of Bangarra Dance Theatre is based on stories gathered from respected elders of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, with cultural exchange firmly at the heart of its practice.

Design Festa Vol. 48

From live painting demonstrations to contemporary dance performances, marvel at, and interact with, the wide variety of art mediums on display at this wildly popular celebration of the arts.

“Still” by Nick Knight

Visionary fashion photographer Nick Knight, who has collaborated with everyone from Yohji Yamamoto to Lady Gaga – and was commissioned to take Queen Elizabeth’s portrait for her 90th birthday – launches his first Tokyo exhibition with a reception on November 9.

“Inu Yasumi” Dog Break Exhibition

Ernie Pooh from Osaka, also known as cotton candy dog, is a toy poodle with over 160,000 Instagram followers. This exhibition showcases pictures of the most popular dogs from social media, including a trio of standard poodles who have their own book deal. Bring your own dog and have its portrait drawn.

The Tolman Collection’s Tribute Exhibition to Toko Shinoda

Considered the Picasso of sumi-e ink painting, 105-year-old artist Toko Shinoda, who is still active, showcases some of her greatest works, including pieces that never been shown to the public.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland © by Christopher Wheeldon

This humorous, expressive ballet based on Lewis Carroll’s classic story is performed by the National Ballet of Japan on a vivid set that combines colorful pop art with the latest lighting and video technology.