“Don’t ask us about the ‘v’ in our name…. Reporters are always really excited when they ask that, as if they’re the first person who ever thought of it,” Chvurches lead singer Lauren Mayberry told Tokyo Weekender prior to their first Japan appearance in 2014. The Glasgow electropop trio returns to Tokyo this weekend. Other events not to be missed include bvllets, vrt exhibits and spring mvrkets.



The Japanese version of the band’s third album Love Is Dead, released last year, features bonus track “Out of My Head” a collaboration with Wednesday Campanella vocalist Kom_I, who will open the Tokyo shows as a special support act.

Pan no Fes – Yokohama Bread Festival

From historic bakeries like Kanaya Hotel Bakery, established in Tochigi Prefecture in 1873, to modern artisans and vegan treats from Tokyo’s own Guruatsu, an unrivaled selection of classic and modern bread, sweets, and cakes can be enjoyed.

Jun Inagawa: Magical Girls DESTROYERS (Moe)

Cartoonist Jun Inagawa’s first solo exhibition in Japan displays 20 new works telling the story of the Magical Girls, anime characters fighting to retain the Japanese otaku subculture.

Sakana & Japan Festival 2019

With sea urchin croquets, shrimp mandu dumplings, grilled squid, paella and plenty of sushi, organizers of this Yoyogi Park festival hope to promote local fishing industries and to educate consumers about the safety of produce from Fukushima.

“La Bayadère” Ballet

Performing at New National Theatre, Tokyo, the ballet “La Bayadère” is a tale of love, revenge, fate and justice known for its stylistic beauty, spectacular and fast-paced development and gorgeous stage design.

The Greenmarket Sumida

Sumida Ward’s greenmarket offers a wide selection of stalls selling a variety of foods, crafts and sundries in addition to live music, workshops and more. The riverside location is part of the ongoing project to revitalize and regenerate the area.

Venetia Stanley-Smith: From My Backyard and Kitchen in Ohara, Kyoto

A descendant from a noble British family, Venetia Standley-Smith has lived in Ohara, Kyoto for the last four decades. Her unique eco- and people-friendly garden and kitchen at first piqued the interest of her neighbors before becoming a nationwide phenomenon featured on NHK. This exhibit showcases pictures from that life, and the beauty Venetia sees and encounters year-round from the comfort of her home.

Futago Tamagawa Street Market Spring Carnival

As spring approaches it’s the perfect season for an outdoor shopping stroll, and Rise Shopping Center offers a bright and pleasant atmosphere for this select street market.