Before the rainy season arrives, check out some live outdoor events. This week, there’s the “Greenroom Festival ’22,” a music festival in Yokohama, Danish DJ and Producer, MORTEN will be performing in Tokyo and there’s the “Just Peoples Tokyo Charity Dinner.”

1. Ken Mihara: “Sei (Awakening) II – Memories in Clay”

Ken Mihara’s “Sei (Awakening) II – Memories in Clay” is an exhibition featuring the second collection of works in his latest series. With 15 new pieces, this exhibition further exemplifies the artist’s diverse compositions and hues.

Pristine forests, rugged ravines, gentle rivers and quiet mountains. These are landscapes steeped in the mysticism of ancient Shinto lore that artist Mihara witnessed as a child. His solemn stoneware is borne and influenced from these deeply idyllic environs. With acquisitions by over 40 leading institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, Mihara’s unglazed, multi-fired works have captivated global audiences, propelling him to become one of the premier artists in contemporary Japanese ceramics.

When: Until May 28 | More Info


Danish DJ and producer MORTEN has been inspiring an entirely new rave culture and giving dance music new life with a more underground, heart-throbbing, innovative ‘Future Rave’ sound alongside his good friend David Guetta.

This summer MORTEN will be playing on stages such as EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland, as well as his recently announced Future Rave Residency at Hï Ibiza with Guetta. So, come and experience the takeover by the sounds of Future Rave in Japan’s own Atom Tokyo.

When: May 28 | More Info

3. Greenroom Festival ’22

Greenroom Festival is a music and art culture festival with roots in surf culture and beach culture next to Yokohama’s Red Brick Warehouse. Through music, art and film, Greenroom Festival seeks to convey the lifestyle and culture associated with the sea and beach and ultimately leave a beautiful beach for the children of tomorrow.

Artists across different nationalities and genres will perform their hearts out to protect the ocean, which is rapidly declining.

Greenroom is the surfers’ constantly sought-after space inside the tube of a wave. A new wind creates a small stream, becomes a wave, a small wave gathers, becomes a big wave and creates the best green room.

When: May 28–29 | More Info

4. Just Peoples Tokyo Charity Dinner

Come join the Just Peoples community in Tokyo for an evening of great food, wine and conversation while making a difference in the world. Just Peoples supports grassroots project leaders across Africa, Asia and Mexico on a range of causes including business training in Uganda, preschool education in Indonesia, reducing period poverty in Bangladesh and setting up community water systems in Kenya.

The money raised from ticket sales will be used to provide a life-changing opportunity for a community working their way out of poverty. On the night we’ll all vote and decide which project we’ll make happen together.

You can find more info or check out a range of their available projects by contacting [email protected]

When: May 26 | More Info

5. Momo: “Life Goes On”

Momo is a painter fascinated by the beauty of Aboriginal pointillism coming from the indigenous peoples of Australia. Practicing art since childhood she has experimented with oil paintings and digital design, which has ultimately led her to create her own technique using toothpicks and color to express her pointillism art.

From Momo’s unique perspective, she introduces a story hidden in the streets of a familiar cityscape where common symbols are reborn as if they were from another world.  Momo’s animal series also implements this same technique of colored toothpicks.

When: Until Jun 4 | More Info