Years back when Spain’s economy was struggling one of the recommendations for recovery was to limit the number of national holidays that fall on Tuesday, because workers are allowed to take a bridge holiday on Monday, leading to lost productivity.

Stay with us now – when Japan switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1873 it was determined that February 11 was the day Japan’s first emperor, Jimmu, ascended to the throne in 660 BC. Thus every year February 11 is a national holiday – National Foundation Day – which this year falls on a Tuesday.

Since Monday is not a holiday, live it up this weekend with punk rock legends, virtual reality video game exhibitions, some truly fascinating art exhibitions and much more.

Une moderne Olympia, 2018 ⓒ Yasumasa Morimura

Yasumasa Morimura: Ego Obscura, Tokyo 2020

This exhibition at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art comes on the heels of Morimura’s highly successful Yasumasa Morimura: Ego Obscura held last year at the Japan Society in New York. For this Tokyo version, he has rearranged his video work entitled “Ego Obscura,” which, along with a lecture-performance, comprises the centerpiece of the show. In the video, Morimura appears as Emperor Hirohito, General Douglas MacArthur, Marilyn Monroe and Yukio Mishima – iconic figures that are deeply etched into the collective memory of the Japanese people. ///stencil.single.wool

Punk band Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers

Irish punk legends Stiff Little Fingers celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their seminal debut album Inflammable Material by playing their classic debut plus other anthems on February 9 at Duo Music Exchange. ///crop.tequila.retail

Mary Cassatt, Sunbathing (After)

Inaugural Exhibition | Emerging Artscape: The State of Our Collection

Bridgestone Museum of Art reopened in January under the new name Artizon Museum. This inaugural exhibition explores the theme of art in all its definitions, weaving together human history and linking the past, present and future. ///embedded.heats.intend

Find Love During an Afternoon at The Opera

On stage at New National Theatre, Tokyo, the exhilarating love story and comedy of Rossini’s opera unfolds based on the delicate balance of power and vice, with the pop, kitsch mood of the 1960s expressed through colorful art. ///camped.nail.workouts

Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Event

For its 15th anniversary, Monster Hunter hosts a VR experience expo in Yokohama where you’ll be able to encounter and fight monsters like you are in the Monster Hunter game itself. Are you ready for the quest, Hunter? ///credible.trains.copes

Image: ©新吉原商店会 Shin Yoshiwara Store Association / Yoshiwara Setsubun Obake Disguise Contest official homepage

Oedo Yoshiwara Setsubun Monster Disguise Contest

As setsubun marks the changing seasons and the time when evil spirits can cross over into our world, the best way to stay safe is to hide amongst them in your own demon disguise. Ghosts, spirits, haunted dolls and all manner of Japanese monsters are welcome to attend and see this year’s entrants take part in the 8th annual costume contest on February 9 at Hanazono Park. ///elevate.collect.scan

Kazuo Shiraga, Untitled, 1959, oil on canvas, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

Kazuo Shiraga: A Retrospective

Kazuo Shiraga, who used his foot to draw on canvases spread on his floor, was a member of the Gutai movement, a group that rebelled against tradition, valorized immediacy and was renowned for their dedication to performance art. This exhibition at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery explores his worth thoroughly in the form of paintings and sculptures. ///lazy.rice.slipped

Jambambloo with Hitomi Yoshimura

Come out to What the Dickens in Ebisu on February 9 to hear this blues and roots four-piece jam band  perform together with slide & lap steel guitarist Hitomi Yoshimura. ///croak.partner.devours

Lost Angels by REX

Animanga Zingaro presents the first Japan exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Rex, which shares a story of youth, beauty, and rebellion through the minimal and psychedelic images. ///tribe.beefed.pinch

Flowers by Naked 2020

Enjoy a romantic stroll through an interactive garden of blossoms at this fusion of light, flowers and technology at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall. ///mice.junior.spoils

Chess the Musical

The celebrated musical Chess comes to the stage at Tokyo International Forum under new direction with the original London script. With music written by ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, the story involves a Cold War-era chess tournament between two grandmasters entangled in a love triangle. ///cotton.masking.evolves

Wonder Festival – Winter

Model maniacs should flock to Makuhari Messe on February 9 for this one day “garage kit” hobbyist extravaganza! Dealers, creators, makers, cosplayers and fans of plastic and resin model kits and figurines will congregate for exhibitions, sales booths, workshops and more. ///trouble.watching.local

Hina Matsuri Girls’ Doll Festival Art Exhibition

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo launches the annual Hina-Matsuri Girls’ Doll Festival Art Exhibition from February 1, celebrating a Japanese cultural event known as Girls’ Doll Festival, or Hina-Matsuri. ///

nature airliner Live Performance

Tokyo-based acoustic singer-songwriter duo nature airliner holds a free live performance at Infinity Books and Event Space on February 7.  ///

Yuka Goto: Mystery Planet

Hiromart Gallery launches a solo exhibition by the Tokyo-born, Tokyo-based artist featuring new paintings and sculptures depicting Goto’s imaginary scenes of cosmic future. ///transit.awaited.spirits

Nerd Nite #41: Pie in the Sky

For February, hear about how Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) provides psychological aid to migrants in Italy, the struggle between users and tech giants who control their data on the cloud, and how nerdy innovations like recumbent bikes can go beyond a niche audience. ///unless.neck.drifter

Japan Amusement Expo 2020

Japan Amusement Expo at Makuhari Messe showcases the latest arcade equipment for game centers and amusement facilities. The two-day event is open to the general public only on February 8, when anyone can come and experience the latest innovations and attractions. ///trouble.watching.local

Tokyo LoveHotels Vol.14 #SOBERINLOVE

The Tokyo LoveHotels project takes over high class hotels and love hotels during their non-peak hours to throw raging parties with art installations, bands, DJs and performances. The Valentine’s edition takes place February 8 at Sankey’s Penthouse. ///trick.assures.orchestra

JAGDA Outreach Exhibition Part 3: Hurray Hurray Handkerchiefs

Since 2018, the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) has supported artists and athletes with disabilities. Designers selected works registered at Able Art Company, a library of works by challenged artists, and design handkerchiefs now on display at Tokyo Midtown. ///

Best Flea Market

This varied and fashionable flea market held on February 9 at the open space at Tokyo International Forum is a pleasant day out for secondhand hunters and those on a quest for curios. ///cotton.masking.evolves

Power Rangers Hero Show

Kids of any age and those who grew up with the Power Rangers will love this live show at the Tokyo Dome of the most modern rendition of the craze, complete with live stunts, fights and a meet-and-greet. ///pulse.spoils.slide

Academy Awards Live Screening x Brunch Party

Watch the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony live on the morning of February 10 with fellow film buffs and tuck into a delicious breakfast at Good Heavens in Shimokitazawa. ///siesta.panther.union