The Autumnal Equinox holiday, meant to celebrate the fall harvest, and the Japanese moon-viewing tradition known as Tsukimi both fall on Monday. While enjoying a day off, take a gander up at the full moon where, according to myth, the rabbit will be dutifully preparing mochi. With Tokyo also serving as host to music, food and traditional dance festivals, you’ll be over the moon this holiday weekend.


Tokyo Skytree Moon Viewing

Take in the full moon, stars and Mars (which is the closest it’s been to Earth in 15 years) from an astronomical telescope at the Tempo Deck (350m above ground).

Fukuro Matsuri and Tokyo Yosakoi 2018

This large scale event takes over the entire Ikebukuro neighborhood. Taiko drumming, traditional dances, musical performances, yosakoi teams, mikoshi parades and street vendors – the festival has all the traditional matsuri flavor and more.



Disney’s Halloween 2018

Love it or hate it, Disney knows how to put on a show — and this year’s Halloween celebrations are no exception. With musical parades, themed merchandise and Halloween-themed foods, this theme park knows how to create a magical experience for everyone.


Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo 2018

Pushing the boundaries of live music, performance and audience experience, the Red Bull Music Festival kicks off its three-week duration with a 62-minute musical loop around the Yamanote line.


Tokyo Game Show 2018

Discover new releases and the latest developments from the industry’s leading studios at Japan’s largest video game expo.


Diners Club France Restaurant Week 2018

Over 600 participating restaurants across Japan serve up local bistro and Michelin-star French favorites during this 17-day-long celebration of délicieux cuisine.


Ebisu Beer Festival 2018

Head to Yebisu beer’s birthplace at Ebisu Garden Place for special edition brews along with plenty of refreshing Yebisu. The Yebisu Beer Museum will also hold special events.


Ganime Jazz with Donna Burke

Singer and voice actor Donna Burke performs original songs written for the world’s most famous video games and anime series including Burke’s song “Glassy Sky” from the Tokyo Ghoul anime series, which was sampled in Eminem’s latest album. Read the full story here.


Taste of Tokyo 2018

Explore food stalls filled with Japanese delicacies as well as foodie treats from all over the world. There will also be a number of free cooking seminars hosted by professional chefs, as well as live performances and shows.


Mottainai Flea Market in Nakano

Mottainai can be roughly translated as “What a waste!” and is a phrase that encourages people to recycle, reuse and reduce waste. Mottainai flea markets are held regularly in the suburbs of Tokyo, with one of the new locations being at the fashionable Nakano Central Park located just minutes from Nakano Station.