Sushi may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Japanese food, but there’s plenty of meat on Tokyo tables. From restaurants specializing in everything from flame-grilled chicken to richly marbled Japanese beef, you’re spoiled for choice – and might even be a bit overwhelmed. But fear not: we’ve hunted through our Concierge guide to assemble a list of nine restaurants for you to sink your teeth into.


Chiriri Kyobashi

At this Kyoto-style shabu shabu restaurant, you can expect an elegant atmosphere, with tasteful decor and kimono-clad staff. Private rooms can be arranged for parties of four to 60, as can tatami rooms with Western-style tables or horigotatsu (low tables with floor seating). It’s also one of the few places where you can eat Japan’s famed Omi wagyu at a reasonable price.


Chiriri Toranomon

The Toranomon branch of this Shiga Prefecture–based restaurant franchise not only serves Omi beef – one of the top three varieties of wagyu (Japanese beef) – in its shabu shabu, it also serves pork, tempura, sushi, sashimi, and vegetable plates in course meals and a la carte. The traditional Japanese decor makes for an unforgettable dining experience.



If you’re looking to savor premium beef from all around Japan, look no further than Hurricane. Enjoy items from the sumptuous dinner menu in the stylish restaurant or tuck into a delicious BBQ dinner on the terrace. Later in the evening the restaurant becomes a bar with an sophisticated ambience.


Teppanyaki Kaika-ya

Say hello to teppanyaki grilling, done to perfection. Located on the fifth floor of Roppongi Hills, Teppanyaki Kaika-ya serves carefully selected meat and ingredients at reasonable prices. Enjoy lobster and the best “Kagoshima Black Cow” beef in this casual modern-style restaurant, prepared under the guidance of master chef Takeshi Ueno.


Sumibiyaki Rian

Meat lovers are in for a treat. Sumibiyaki Rian specializes in yakitori, the popular Japanese method of grilling different cuts of chicken on skewers. All items are brought to you fresh from the grill, cooked to perfection. Be sure to make a reservation if you’re in the mood for one of their popular course menus.


The Soul of Seoul

The Soul of Seoul serves delicious Korean specialities such as a selection of assorted kimchi, thinly sliced beef tongue, and even a variety of beef entrails – if you dare. The restaurant has a strong focus on carefully chosen and safely sourced ingredients, with vegetables brought in from Kagoshima and Fukuoka prefectures, meat from Miyazaki and Kumamoto prefectures, and rice from Kagoshima Prefecture.



Tokuju offers ¥5,500 to ¥9,500 courses that highlight a wide variety of cuts of top-grade Japanese beef. Every morning, the chef buys fresh wagyu directly from the market butcher at Shibaura. The fresh beef can be enjoyed as part of a lunch menu or dinner course.


Yakiniku Sankou-en

You are in for a special dinner at Yakiniku Sankou-en, where A5-ranked wagyu is served for barbecuing at a very reasonable price. The restaurant’s Tottori wagyu is known for its richness in oleic acid, mainly found in olive oil, which gives this tender beef a melt-in-your-mouth texture.



Offering a “unique meat” menu, Chicciano serves top quality cuts that are dry-aged for the fullest flavor, and seasoned simply with salt and pepper. For grilling, they use the finest Kishu charcoal, which is made in Wakayama Prefecture and renowned for imparting a unique flavor to the food it’s cooked with. Seasonal ingredients from Japan, France, and Italy are used, and the chef provides a daily recommendation.