Tokyo is a city full of events and venues as intimate and special as one could hope for on an occasion such as Valentine’s Day. From a delightful afternoon outdoors to a romantic dinner, we’ve provided a few date suggestions that are guaranteed to make your date feel loved and appreciated.

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Afternoon Delight in Odaiba

Odaiba might be the perfect destination for a day-time Valentine’s Day date. Great for long walks and full of attractions, possible activities include a Ferris wheel ride and the teamLABO Borderless exhibit, if you haven’t seen it already (you can see it again, no judgement here). Not to mention a great winter lights display once the sun goes down. 

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Melt Hearts at Tokyo Skytree

For those seeking a little adventure, you needn’t go up too far to enjoy some winter sports. Tokyo Sky Tree Town recreated the ideal winter date spot with an outdoor ice rink again this year. Whether you’re an experienced skater or a beginner, with the right company you’re sure to have a good time. Tokyo Skytree is also home to the Sumida Aquarium, one of the biggest aquariums in the city with a popular penguin exhibit. Of course, you can climb the tower to witness one of the best views of Tokyo.

For traditionalists, Tokyo Tower is also a popular date spot that is said to bring good luck for couples.

Chocolate + Cocktails = Love

With the month February comes the announcement of special dinner courses in most high-end restaurants and hotels. Grand Hyatt Tokyo has put together a romantic and decadent dining experience at The Oak Door. Chef Patrick Shimada has curated a special menu for ichigo lovers by making strawberries the star of the show. In addition, guests can arrange a customized letter to accompany the chocolates and surprise cocktail served after dinner, making your date personalized and perfect.

Strawberry Sweets Forever

For the sweet-tooth or cat-lover in your life, bring them to the Hilton Tokyo. The hotel hosts the Ichigo Cats Collection Dessert Fair, a Parisian cat-themed sweets buffet that will take over the luxury hotel’s first floor Marble Lounge. So while Tokyo can certainly be called the city of lights, this is might just be the closest you can get to the city of love without splurging on a plane ticket. Enjoy an abundance of strawberry-flavored desserts with an additional feline flair, for up to 2.5 hours. After your meal, head over to Shinjuku’s VR Zone (don’t forget to mention it’s a date!) to try some of the newest virtual reality experiences.


Set the Mood in Midtown Hibiya

For a fail-proof, one-stop destination, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya has everything you could need and want for a successful Valentine’s Day. The area is home to dozens of unique pastry shops that are sure to hold the ideal treat, whether it’s chocolate mousse or strawberry shortcake. With a special Valentine’s Day illumination set to start February 1, you are guaranteed the ultimate setting for a romantic declaration.