It’s November, and we’re well into sweater weather in Tokyo. Bundle up and buckle up this month, because Saturn goes direct in dreamy Pisces on November 4. Now that it is moving forward, this strict planet will force us to get real about our goals. Things are about to get romantic as well, as love planet Venus enters its home sign Libra on the 8th, so don’t be surprised if you start romanticizing your situationship or begin to feel some sort of way about that office cutie. We’ll be entering the bold and talkative Sagittarius season later this month, but in the meantime, try to enjoy the rest of the sensual Scorpio season and dare to be experimental during the new moon on the 13th — it’s taking place in Scorpio as well, which is sure to spark a lot of originality. 

Keep reading below for your November 2023 horoscope. And make sure to check both your sun and rising signs.


Happy (belated) birthday, Scorpions. You might feel more stressed towards the end of the month as your season comes to an end, but Saturn going direct will help you channel your anxieties into productivity. Use the new moon in your sign this month to go back to basics. This is a great time to set your intentions and be straightforward about how you want to spend your energy. Overthinking is your enemy this month, so consider taking a day trip somewhere. Keep your eye on the prize as we phase out of your season, because even though we all know you’re not as intimidating as you like to seem, that doesn’t mean you’re not badass. 


As you welcome your solar return, Sag, you might be feeling ready to jump into your season. However, don’t be too hasty. With a series of Saturn squares this month, you might experience some roadblocks. On November 10, communication planet Mercury enters your sign, only to square with the strict, rule-obsessed Saturn on the same day. This might mean communication mishaps or stalemates, so it’s important to keep your cool even with people who don’t seem to listen. Some potentially tough talks and stressful holiday plans are approaching, so make time for your loved ones and chosen family, who only want to shower you with affection. You get caught up in the excitement easily, so don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, or at least look at the fall foliage. And don’t get too stressed out, archers, you shine brightest when you’re fearless. 


You love your routine, Cap, and as we approach the holidays, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. With your ruling planet Saturn going direct this month, you’ll see a lot of the things that have been building up for you the past five months finally being set in motion. For good or for bad, this month will stir up a lot of emotions for you. It will be important for you to release them adequately. Check out an art exhibit near you to get inspired and feel your feelings in a productive way.  


We know you don’t mind a bit of alone time, Aqua, but this month you’ll be forced to experience your emotions fully as Saturn goes direct in your second house, which rules our possessions and personal values. Fortunately, you’ll see that you’ve built yourself a good support system as Venus enters Libra, and you’ll find that your loved ones want to take care of you. This might be a good time for you to expand your love life and work on your friendships. Don’t try to ride it out alone if you’re feeling lonely.


This month promises some action for you, Pisces, as long as you can be bold and unapologetic. With Saturn going direct in your sign, you can really start to test your limits and work through any roadblocks you’ve been experiencing since June. Take this month to be honest and straightforward about what you want, whether that be with travel, interpersonal relationships, or your career. Speaking of which, you may experience some success in your career mid-month, so take yourself out for some holiday shopping. You deserve it, dreamer.


If you’re anything, you’re confident, Aries, and this month is a good time to take full advantage of your confidence as Saturn goes direct. The plans you’ve been working on will finally be set in motion. You’ll also experience financial relief on the 17th as your ruling planet Mars approaches the sun. This might mean paying off your debts or revisiting something from your past. You might want to hold off on spending immediately, though, as November can bring holiday travel and family stress. Try some relaxing activities to not get sidetracked from what really matters this month. As warrior planet Mars enters chatty Sagittarius, choose your battles wisely, trust your instincts and know when to opt out. 


As a child of Venus, this month will have you feeling more at home as Venus enters Libra, another sign it rules. Be kind to yourself and try to let go of any mistakes or disappointments you may have experienced lately. Embrace your own fluidity. No matter your sexuality, it might be a good time for you to read up on queer literature, and shake up your sometimes stubborn nature. In the end, being yourself will be the best gift you can give yourself. 


As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you might be buzzing with pre-holiday excitement, but you’re going to want to rest up this month. Get your z’s in as Saturn goes direct in your tenth house, which rules social status and public image. This journey will require a lot of focus from you. It might even be worth trying out some new relaxation techniques, like the trendy flotation tanks. The beginning of the month brings a great deal of change for you, whether that means your surroundings are shifting, or just that you’re demanding something new in your life. As the sign of the twins, though, you laugh in the face of change — just make sure you’re giving yourself enough rest as you might be more overwhelmed than you realize. 


The holidays can be a tough time for you, Cancer, since you love having a stable and calm home life. Self-care is more important for you than usual this time of year, especially since you may be experiencing some changes once Saturn stations direct on the 4th. As communication planet Mercury enters confident Sagittarius, it’s time to speak your truth. If you can be honest with yourself and those around you, you’ll be able to navigate the tricky holiday season with ease. Just remember to take care of yourself, take a breather when necessary and spend some much-needed alone time, whether that’s at home or at a calming cafe.


Learn to hold your ground this November, Leo, as Saturn goes direct in your house of sex, death and transformation. This means that some very close-to-home issues will be surfacing, but it also means you’ll be able to relish your own energy. The new moon in Scorpio may also bring about some professional shifts in your life. Establish boundaries and dig deep to build a solid foundation. And remember that there’s some relief in sight. You’re going to feel lighter going into the season of fellow fire sign Sagittarius at the end of the month. It’ll do you some good to refresh and remind yourself of what you’re made of by watching out for new fashion trends.


This month, you might catch yourself noticing things you never have before, Virgo. You’re going to be busy at the beginning of the month, so it’s a good time for you to really use your multitasking skills. It’s the small things that are going to bring you the most happiness this month, so go on a stroll through your neighborhood on a bright blue afternoon, especially during busy times. Get ready to let go of some things as control freak Saturn goes direct, and practice finding the balance between establishing boundaries and letting go of stubborn energy that no longer serves you.


While everyone else seems to be stressed and battered recently, this month will actually be quite lovely for you, Libra. As Venus comes home to your sign, the natural love and charm you possess will flow out of you naturally. Focus on your romantic side by furthering yourself from any toxic or backward energy you may have been dealing with and lean into connections with your friends and family. Take advantage of this time of abundance and beauty to give yourself the pampering you’ve been yearning for and be generous with your love. Remember, what you give out will come back to you.