This season we have three Shop Japan roundups to help you in your search for the perfect holiday gift. 


1. Your own comfort linen scarf by handsome linen KOMO

Elevating the quality of everyday life, this adaptable scarf has a crisp finish that becomes softer after it’s been used. 


2. Wacocoro Tatami by Wakoh Co., Ltd

Created using borders of tatami mats for the band and special stainless steel for the case, this hand-crafted watch fuses Japanese tradition and cutting-edge technology. 


3. Paper Accessories AIGRA by UNIFORM-NET Co., Ltd.

Jewelry inspired by Aizu-kata, dying stencils from the Aizu region in Fukushima. These earrings are made from processed paper and are a great eco-friendly alternative.



These accessories may look like candy, but they are actually made of fu, a traditional wheat gluten from Kanazawa. No two pieces of OTEMARI jewelry are alike.


5. Berry plus by Hanp Bag Trocco

Eco-friendly and sustainable, this smart backpack has a unique drop-shaped form with no corners that fits comfortably to the body while giving a sense of security.


6. CONCERTO by Social Design Co., Ltd.

Using multiple urushi lacquer techniques, this simple yet artistic bow-tie conveys the beauty of Japanese urushi culture to the world. 


7. Kore, Hoshikatta! (Antibacterial mask case and bag-in file) by Add WA! TOKYO Inc.

Keep your masks in a safe place with this cute antibacterial mask case and clear file folder. Perfect for people on the go. 



Thin and light with a high-capacity storage system, which retains a form of minimalism, this wallet is very handy in today’s cashless society.


9. Smartphone case made of TATAMI by amtsumg

Tatami floors help regulate humidity, keeping the floor dry and cool to the touch. This stylish smartphone case transforms this into a handheld experience.


10. Pansy Premium Style Standard by PANSY CORPORATION

Antibacterial and durable slippers that are all hand-knitted by skilled craftspeople to achieve a soft and comfortable feel. 


11. Washable Lace Dress by JiyuJisai Co., Ltd.

A dress that can be cut and repurposed into another item of clothing thanks to six handy guidelines.



These comfortable sandals, that can be worn both indoors and outdoors, and the fashionable dress turbans both express Japan’s unique sense of beauty.


Food & Drink

13. Saigo-no-itteki by Nousui Shoten Co.,Ltd.

Just one spoonful of this fish sauce, developed by high school students, will significantly boost the taste of any dish with the rich umami and flavor of salmon. 


14. Itteki-Hassenya Special “Japanese Ao-sansho Oil” by Itteki Group Inc.

Spruce up any homemade dish with only a few drops of one of these seasoning oils made from Japanese green pepper. Add to udon, pasta, tofu and white fish for a kick.


15. Arinomi vinegar series by YOZAEMON Co., Ltd.

Made from 100% pear juice using homegrown pears, this vinegar is characterized by its mellowness, making it easy to drink. 


16. Sesame Furikake series by kyoto Nisiki Market KAI

This simple, yet delicious sesame furikake seasoning can be sprinkled on rice and other dishes for an extra roasted flavor and natural health benefits. 


17. Kagura Nanban green pepper oil by WATAYA CO., LTD.

This spicy green Japanese chili oil adds color and a touch of flavor to any dish without affecting the natural taste. 


18. Rare cheese mizumanju by KANEI CO., LTD.

This is an adorable rare (fresh) cheese mizumanju sweet lightly flavored with grape made by the hands of skilled craftspeople using carefully selected ingredients. 


19. Kounoike Hanabi by GOJODO

Merging a Japanese daifuku and French parfait, the Kounoike Hanabi will make you recall summer fireworks with a balance of fresh fruit, cream, red bean and mochi.


20. Korewaumai by KAIUNDO CO., LTD.

A sweet Japanese pastry from the Taisho Period with red adzuki bean paste from Tokachi, Hokkaido. All wrapped in a bun made from Nagano wheat flour. 


21. Kikyou Shingen Mochi by KIKYOUYA

KIKYOUYA prides itself in delivering its hand-made Kikyou Shingen Mochi in perfect condition. Any mochi with packaging flaws is offered at a discount in an effort to reduce waste. Enjoy the same renowned mochi while preventing waste.


22. Made-in-Japan Fruit Jelly by FRUITS JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Enjoy domestically-grown seasonal fruit wrapped in a delicious sweet jelly. Sold in original triangular glass bottles, a set makes for a thoughtful gift. 


23. 100% Arinomi Pear Juice by YOZAEMON Co., Ltd.

Refreshingly sweet with a deep, rich taste, this juice was brought to life thanks to the company’s unique pears that boast high sugar content.


24. SOGEN SAMURAI Series by Sogen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Brewed in Ishikawa Prefecture, this sake has an umami-rich exuberant flavor that pairs perfectly with salty dishes.


25. Hokkaido special seafood soup curry by NEXTLEVEL inc. Okushiba Shoten

Enjoy the taste of shrimp soup curry from Okushiba Shoten, Hokkaido. Each pack is handmade with the same cooking method as the curry served in its restaurants.


All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Winter 2021 brochure by clicking the image below.