As car and bike enthusiasts know, vehicles can have good and bad days, just like we humans do. The only issue is that we can’t always tell what exactly they are trying to tell us and how they feel—but now, thanks to Yamaha, there is an app that supplies the driver with a translation of what their engine-fitted friend is revving on about.

Yamaha Rev Translator

Rev Translator

“Rev Translator” records the engine’s sound through a smartphone’s sound recorder, and takes into account the motor’s speed, the time of the day, weather and other complex information, coming back with one of over 100 million preset phrases to communicate. On top of that, you can choose from six different characters to represent your vehicle, including a cool male character or a cute female—the responses you will receive are very much influenced by the personalities. Every time you translate something you will also receive points, which you can redeem for in-app prizes, such as a virtual motorbike that you can collect and admire on your phone.


Yamaha Rev Translator

“Now, shall we go on a spontaneous trip?”

Yamaha’s spokeswoman Mariko Saito said that an engine’s condition changes everyday, and hopes that this app, and the changing comments that their engines make through it, will interest users. Although this app is not intended to be used while driving, it is possible to record the sounds during the drive, and translate it afterwards.

It is free to download for iOS and Android, but is currently only available in Japanese.

–Mona Neuhauss