Not that Pisces-Taurus thing, and it’s not interested in whether you were born in the Year of the Dragon—what about your Finnish sign?

In 2014 Visit Finland launched Finngenerator. Developed especially for mobile devices, the application makes it possible for anyone to “find out their inner Finn” by generating their new Finnish name at website. Finngenerator is both personal and easy to use and that is why it is so addictive. (After all, who wouldn’t like being known as Tuisku Saaristo?) It immediately became a viral hit, and the media all over the world got on board.

This year Visit Finland introduces a sequel to the successful generator, called Finnscope, as a part of their Spring 2015 campaign. Finnscope lets you discover your “Finnish horoscope and who you are.” The star signs are fictional but there is a grain of truth in all of them since they are based on Finnish nature, the year’s natural cycle and on the unique characters of this faraway nation.

Finnscope is not only fun and rewarding on a personal level but it also brings up some themes that visitors will discover in Finland. It is fast and extremely simple, working on any mobile device, wherever there is an internet connection. And although, as the clever fellows at Monty Python remind us, Finland is so far from Japan, the application brings it a little closer to you.

Find out your own Finnish horoscope here:

The Finnscope campaign was planned and executed by Visit Finland in collaboration with SEK and media agency Voitto. The application was produced by Byroo.