If one of your video game mains happens to be Hwoarang, Jin Kazama, Yoshimitsu, or Kuma, this alcohol-laden pop-up in Kyoto is going to be perfect for you. From January 26 to February 25, the Shiraito Shuzo store is being transformed into a Tekken 8 bar and liquor shop to commemorate the release of Tekken 8 as well as the 30th anniversary of the Tekken series.

Tekken-Themed Drinks and Goods

Fighting game fans can expect a number of Tekken-themed drinks in the store to purchase and savor on the spot. On offer are cocktails inspired by Tekken characters, like the “Mishima” Junmai Ginjo made from peach liquor and pineapple juice, the Tekken 8 Cocktail with a vermouth base and cranberry juice and the Jun Cloudy Umeshu laced with a pleasant honey and ginger taste. Those that do not wish to drink can also take part in the Tekken experience, as there is hot tea and coffee available with the option to print a Tekken character on top of the whipped cream. Along with your beverages, you can enjoy a selection of typical Japanese bar snacks such as oden and motsuni.

Food and drinks aside, collectors shouldn’t miss this pop-up as there are many Tekken 8-themed merchandise available. There are character drink coasters and stickers, Tekken-themed craft beers, incense, clear files with character art from Tekken games of the past and even Tekken ema (wooden plaques typically used to write wishes at Japanese temples and shrines). As far as game merchandise goes, this is certainly one of the more unique collections we’ve seen. Perhaps most exciting of all is that fans also get to try Tekken 8 itself at Shiraito Sake Brewery, hopefully against some very friendly competition.

For more details about the Tekken Liquor Shop including location and opening hours, click here.

About Tekken

Tekken is a fighting video game series by Bandai Namco Entertainment, centering around the fictional King of the Iron Fist Tournament and the characters who participate in it. The plot primarily revolves around the conflict between members of the Mishima family and includes themes of power, betrayal and some lighthearted comedic elements. It is one of the most universally recognizable fighting games alongside titles such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

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