The Metal Gear Solid Uniqlo Collection Returns

Blink and you’ll miss Snake in this comeback collection. Uniqlo is bringing back the coveted Metal Gear Solid collection of T-shirts, in the spirit of the franchise’s 35th anniversary which took place a few months ago. The tees, which were first released in 2009 and then again in 2012, are now slated to be in stores in Japan from January 22. Overseas shoppers can also buy the T-shirts online with the U.S. store earmarking a February 26 release date. Six designs complete the collection and include concept art of the main character, Solid Snake, as well as some distinctive aspects of the game such as the “game over” screen.

The Metal Gear Solid franchise is widely recognised as one of the greatest and most important games in video game history. Developed and produced by Konami under acclaimed director Hideo Kojima, the series is said to have laid the foundations for the stealth adventure genre of video games. Kojima has since spun off from Konami to create his own studio, Kojima Productions, which has also launched fashion collaborations with GU, a subsidiary clothing brand within Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing. 

UT Archive is a celebration of the storied history behind Uniqlo’s T-shirt project “UT” which began in 2003. UT is known to collaborate with all forms of art and media, with some of its most famed gaming and anime partnerships including Final Fantasy, Spy x Family and Animal Crossing. You can explore all past UT collections here. Here’s hoping it brings back more best-selling hits from its robust t-shirt museum.

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