Sparks are set to fly amongst Nen users. A new Hunter x Hunter game has just been announced.

Hunter X Hunter’s First Fighting Game is On the Way

Titled Hunter × Hunter Nen × Impact, this is the franchise’s very first dedicated fighting game that allows gamers and fans of the franchise to pit characters against each other to find out who truly is the strongest. Not too much has been revealed as of yet, but the recently released trailer has already shown that fan favorites like Killua Zoldyck, Hisoka, and Kurapika will be featured and most likely playable characters. Gon, Leorio, and Chairman Netero were also shown. The character figures also bear a stylized 3D look which seems to capture the dynamism of a fighting game will still staying true to the character’s anime look and feel. A game release date has yet to be announced, but we’re hopeful for an update soon.

hunter x hunter fighting game nen impact

The Studio Developing Nen x Impact

Hunter × Hunter Nen × Impact is being developed by Japanese game developer studio Eighting and published by Bushiroad Games, both well-known names in the gaming industry. The former has been developing and publishing games since 1993, including anime games such as Naruto: Clash of the Ninja and Bleach: Heat the Soul 7. Eighting also co-developed 2023’s stand out game, Pikmin 4 for the Nintendo Switch. Bushiroad Games also has its fair share of experience with anime licensed games, having published games such as Love Live! School Idol Festival and Cardcaptor Sakura Happiness Memories.

Hunter x Hunter has been a mainstay in anime and manga culture since its Weekly Shonen Jump serialization in 1998. Set in a world where Hunters are elite professionals that specialize in pursuing whatever they desire, such as treasure, artifacts, or rare animals. The story revolves around a boy named Gon Freecss and his journey to become a Hunter while searching for his father. Originally a manga, the series has spun off into various media, including two different anime series, movies, music, CDs, and musicals.

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