A floating Bluetooth speaker, a minimalist smartwatch, and a cell phone for the selfie set are our picks for tech in July.

ASWY Floating Speaker

With every established audio brand putting out their take on the Bluetooth speaker, to really stand out above the crowd would almost require a force of nature, and this is precisely what ASWY have harnessed with their levitating air speaker. The base station and speaker unit both have powerful magnets inside, whose magnetic repulsion makes for a pretty neat party trick. When not pulling off a Casper, the speaker can also use its attractive behind to attach to any metal object in your home, expanding its portability possibilities.


Noodoe Watch

These smartwatches: They can do everything! But do you really need them to? The Noodoe gives you simple gives you simple notifications about email and the like, letting you minimize distraction and save time, rather than wasting more of it. It has a simple display, it doesn’t come in gold, and its battery lasts seven days. Yes, the Pebble smartwatch has been around for longer and essentially does the same thing, but it lacks the looks and is more than twice the price. Currently Android only but Apple support for what is dubbed the “World’s first smartwatch for artists” is said to be on the way.



Well, the color scheme is certainly artistic…

Asus ZenFone Selfie

One of the most touted features on modern smartphones is the camera. Manufacturers are engaged in an arms race of Cold War proportions—adding megapixels, widening apertures and continually improving their abilities to capture high quality images—which consumers completely ignore in favor of the tiny, terrible quality afterthought of a happy snapper on the front to satisfy their narcissism. Asus’ new ZenFone Selfie is their push to expand into the duck-face market. Sporting a 13-megapixel self-shooter with a wide angle F2.2 lens, it promises to bring hitherto unknown levels of quality to your Instagram feed. If you’re worried the vastly improved image capabilities will also bring out some of the more unflattering aspects of your visage, there are new digital makeup tools to give you that freshly photoshopped model look.



Put on that smile and get ready to take your selfie game to a whole new level

—Nayalan Moodley