Have you ever window-shopped in Japan and discovered so many things that you never thought you needed in life until that exact moment? That’s how we felt when we first laid eyes on the official Meiji “Kinoko no Yama” wireless earphones. Yes we checked, but April Fool’s Day is not for a few more days so this is very much a real campaign.

How to Pre-Order these Limited Mushroom-shaped Earphones

On March 26, 2024, these confectionery-themed earphones became available for purchase on the crowdfunding site Makuake. A mere 3,500 units were available, but all sold out within minutes, making this a highly limited product that could potentially be worth much more in the future. For this reason, the units will also come with their own certificate and serial number. We will keep an eye out for updates on unit restocks in the future.

While a standard box of Kinoko no Yama chocolate typically costs around ¥200 to ¥300, these appear to be selling for ¥29,800 including tax. So what is the secret ingredient? Aside from looking fly and fashionable, these earphones are said to have automatic translation that supports 144 languages around the world. 

The design of the buds themselves are such that the average passerby will definitely be fooled into thinking you’ve stuck chocolate in your ears. You might even freak them out a little more when you pull out the charging case to put them away. These quite accurately resemble the box that their chocolate counterpart comes in.

That’s all of the details we have for now. We’re hoping that Meiji will soon share other specifications such as battery life and audio quality, although we think that’s probably not the main reason people may be purchasing this.

With this ultra cool limited item, it seems that Team Kinoko no Yama has finally pulled ahead of Team Takenoko no Sato. All we can hope for now is for some chocolate bamboo shoot headphones to be released to even out the competition. 

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