The most hotly anticipated video game title to be released in 2024 is almost here. To ensure you don’t forget it, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth characters will be stalking your every move right up until the big day, on February 29. From your commute to your outdoor spaces, here’s every Final Fantasy VII Rebirth activation that we know of, so far. 

final fantasy rebirth tokyo

Commute Alongside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Characters

The Yamanote Line is being given some Nibelheim flair with displays featuring characters from the game. On the outside of the trains there are detailed wrappings depicting Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa and Aerith in all their Rebirth stylized glory. Moving inside, there are posters showing the characters’ “rebirth,” from how they were designed in the 1997 version of Final Fantasy VII to how they will look in the upcoming game. The intent behind this is to fit the theme of being reborn while also allowing fans both old and new to appreciate the evolution of the franchise over the past 27 years.

A Heartfelt Commercial

Those who don’t take the Yamanote Line needn’t worry. The Final Fantasy Rebirth countdown commercial kicks off on February 22. In the week that follows, the short advertisement segment will depict the stories of the main characters who are reborn in Rebirth, namely Cloud, Tifa and Aerith. The commercial is said to be a heartfelt one that depicts each character’s feelings to help set the tone ahead of fans playing the game. These will be broadcasted across 11 prefectures at various outdoor advertising locations at JR East stations and at select Tokyo Metro stations.

Probably the most striking of all will be a special Sephiroth activation happening at an undisclosed location in Shibuya. From February 26, an outdoor advertisement will showcase the iconic scene of Sephiroth engulfed in the flames of Nibelheim. Don’t miss your chance to see the One-Winged Angel set ablaze on the streets of Shibuya.

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