March is now upon us which means warmer weather and more exciting activities to take us outside of our homely comforts. It might still be awhile before the Naruto live-action gets a release, but updates on the production team’s progress is a sure-fire way to get anime fans interested in the big screen. Or indulge in some Pokémon pampering at Raku Spa, an onsen where it’s just you and Pikachu. Since we’re all about treating yourself this month, don’t miss out on the Go! Go! Curry! esports curry, which may or may not guarantee to improve your FPS aim. Lastly, we say cheers to Capcom for 40 years of gaming brilliance through their Capcom 40th Anniversary UT collaboration.

naruto live action

Naruto Takes On Hollywood With Upcoming Live-Action

Ninja fans rejoice or groan, Hollywood hasn’t forgotten about their live-action plans. Here’s the latest update on the upcoming Naruto film.

Back in 2015, the filming rights were originally picked up by Lionsgate, a Canadian-American media company known for successful movie franchises such as Saw, The Hunger Games and The Twilight Saga. Following some changes of staff, it was announced in February 2024 that Destin Daniel Cretton will be directing the film. 

Cretton is half-Japanese and known for co-writing and directing the Marvel Studios film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Other announced team members include Tasha Huo, who has also signed on as a writer. Huo has worked on television series such as The Witcher and the upcoming animated series, Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft.

A lot of excitement around this film has been tempered by skepticism and rightly so. Anime live action films have historically not lived up to its fans’ expectation. Some common criticisms include that it looks like a low budget production, the acting is exaggerated, poor costume choices and the narrative, or writing, doesn’t stay true to the original. 

It’s also unknown why the Naruto live-action has taken close to 10 years to reach this stage, but pressure to create a film that fans would be proud of could be a big reason. That would make sense, understanding the sheer weight of the Naruto legacy both in Japan and around the world. 

The word is still out as to when this film is going to be released, however these announcements indicate that the film is progressing. If there is one glimmer of hope, it’s that not only has Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto been asked to co-develop the film, Cretton himself received his blessing on a recent trip to Tokyo. Upon hearing of the director change, Kishimoto stated that “he was the perfect choice.”

pokemon onsen

Heal Yourself at This Raku Spa Event Featuring Pokémon

Let’s be honest, a Pokémon onsen sounds absolutely heavenly to wash away the stresses of the day. Introducing “Pokemon Kaifuku no Yu,” a collaboration between Gokurakuyu, Raku Spa and the famed pocket monster franchise.

As part of this limited even, Raku Spa is bringing eight types of Pokemon onsen, each featuring a unique Pokemon and their specific healing commands. For example, Chansey’s is called the “Soft-boiled Bath” with its name taken directly from its in-game move called “soft-boiled,” which restores up to 50% of the Pokemon’s maximum health points. 

Also on the Pokemon roster are Sprigatito, Scream Tail, Milotic, Poltchageist, Clefairy, Tsareena and Snorlax. All guests who pay for the admission fee and the Pokemon Kaifuku no Yu Plus set will also receive a randomized towel featuring one of the healing Pokemon.

Warm baths aside, guests can also purchase some original event merchandise, such as a Pokemon Kaifuku No Yu wash basin (¥1,650) and a Pokemon Kaifuku No Yu candy milk bottle (¥1,430). But you don’t just soak with Pokemon, you can eat them too via the special Kaifuku menu. This includes a fruit au lait float, a blue soda float, a sleepy Pikachu and Snorlax omurice and more. Purchases of food and drink items also come with complimentary Pokemon coasters and place mats. 

Has a bath and a meal left you quite energetic? Then try out the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Academy set. This is a brand-new set of Pokemon cards that are perfect for beginners wanting to get into the official Pokemon card game. Participants will receive an original Pokemon sticker.

Event Information

Pokemon Kaifuku no Yu kicks off on March 8 and runs until April 2024. The promotion will be available at all 32 of the Gokurakuyu and Raku Spa locations in Japan. Each Pokemon inspired bath will only last for a few days, so be sure to check the event website to know more about when your favorite Pokemon’s onsen may be featured. Information on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Academy trial period can also be found there.

gogo curry e-sports

Sharpen Your FPS Aim With The Go! Go! Curry! Restaurant Esports Curry

Japan’s favorite gorilla-themed curry restaurant has launched a brand new esports curry to bring out the gamer in all of us. Co-developed alongside Nihon Pharmaceutical University and karaoke chain, Karaoke no Tetsujin, this well-balanced curry dish is said to help players “win at esports.”

Simply called “Esports Curry,” it is priced at ¥1,280. The base of the dish is the famous Go! Go! Curry “Recover Curry” for the roux. Toppings have been chosen by students of Nippon Pharmaceutical University. Each item has a symbolic meaning to it, such as the “easy win” roast cutlet, teamwork-building spinach, cheese signifying the word one utters prior to a winner’s photograph being taken and crisp cabbage that plays an important supporting role. You can order this curry with either a 200 gram portion of rice or the larger 300 gram portion, with upgrades to the larger size being free of charge. 

We’re not entire sure if the university students actually used a nutrition-based approach to select the ingredients or if they simply chose their own personal favorite curry add-ons. But we’ll trust that they have our best interests at heart and that this curry won’t end up sending us into a food coma. Regardless, it is nice to see more businesses adopt gaming into their marketing strategies. This is a true testament to how common gaming has become, especially in Japan.

The “Esports Curry” is available only at the Karaoke Tetsujin Ginza branch. While the promotion doesn’t indicate limited stock, it’s always best to call in advance to check if the dish is available.

capcom uniqlo collaboration

Classic Capcom Designs by Uniqlo

At the time of writing, eight designs have been announced and seven of them represent a specific Capcom franchise, with a retro twist. Priced at just ¥1,990 each, we expect a hot favorite such as the Street Fighter II design to sell out extremely fast, not least because it has some classic characters in the design, such as M.Bison and Sagat. The oversized blue Rockman (known as Mega Man outside Japan) T-shirt also looks exactly like something you’d find at a vintage store today, except in pristine condition. 

For something that’s more grunge, we recommend going with the Biohazard 4 design that’s completely black and white, except for a ghoulish looking “RE,” a reminder of the game’s other name, Resident Evil. There’s also a slate gray Devil May Cry T-shirt with a metal band vibe that’s perfect for the game’s demon hunter vibe.

Monster Hunter fans can also pick up an olive green T-shirt with a huge print on the back, paying homage to the original game. Two slightly more niche picks are the designs for Final Fight and Ghosts ‘n Goblins, beat ‘em up and platforming games from the 1980s. If you’re completely undecided but want to be part of this significant moment in history, get the final piece, a Capcom 40th UT T-shirt with a large collaborative piece on the back depicting characters from across Capcom’s history.

More Information

The Capcom 40th Uniqlo T-shirt Collection will start selling in Japan around the end of March. Start of sale dates will differ from store to store so make sure to call in advance. Fans who live in North America, however, have a solid start of sale date of March 25, 2024.

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