Doge’s instantly recognizable glance has been the subject of uncountable memes worldwide. You’ve seen her looking in amazement at snow, she’s given her views on the US election and even been a cryptocurrency. Even if you don’t know the origins of Doge (real name Kabosu or Kabo-chan), you’ll surely recognize her face. And now, Sakura city, her hometown in Chiba, is making her into a manhole cover.


Doge: From Rescue Dog to World-Famous Meme

Famed throughout the world, the internet’s undying love affair with its unofficial meme mascot, Doge, has transcended political judgments, traversed the metaverse and jumped into the real world.

Doge is a Shiba Inu who was saved by kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato, after being sent to a kill shelter. Her daily pictures — eating dinner, sitting on the sofa, playing with her owner — exploded on the internet in the early 2010s. There was even a particular Doge-style of speaking, using one- or two-word phrases.

Transcending Internet Fame

The main Doge memes feature various Doge-like statements overlaid in Comic Sans. But the image is also used for surrealist memes, Karen memes and block text memes. Aside from meme culture, the Shiba Inu’s motif has been used for its own cryptocurrency — primarily for donations — and the logo of Twitter (now X) was changed to Doge’s face in April 2023.

In November of the same year, a bronze statue of Doge was erected in her hometown of Sakura city in Chiba Prefecture. The statue features the dog sitting in an elegant position on a bench. And now, just three months on, a Doge manhole cover has been unveiled in the same park. Getting close to 20 years old, Doge is currently recovering from cancer, yet still looks happy in her pictures.

Any keen Doge followers can keep up to date with her journey on her blog or her official Instagram.

Sato also encourages any supporters to consider adopting from a shelter, first and foremost, and avoiding any breeders if possible.

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