Another hip hop icon has gotten the superflat treatment: This time it’s Pharrell, in a remix of the theme song for Takashi Murakami’s feature-length film, Jellyfish Eyes.

Pharrell isn’t one to just sit back and stay “Happy” doing nothing: between producing, performing, and designing, the mercurial musician always seems to keep himself busy. One of his most recent projects to go public is a remix project for superstar artist Takashi Murakami. Murakami, who might be best known for his multicolored collaboration with Louis Vuitton several years back, is a creative whirlwind who creates large-scale paintings and sculptures, has built his own brand, and even dabbles in cafes and bars (Bar Zingaro). In the past few years, he has added “film director” to the many hats that he wears: his first full-length movie, Jellyfish Eyes, was released last year in Japan and is currently touring the US. Jellyfish Eyes is a live-action sci-fi movie set in the aftermath of 3/11, where a young boy who loses his father in the disaster moves to a new town; shortly after he arrives, he makes a new friend in the form of a floating, jellyfish-like creature.

The theme song to the movie, “Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed),” is performed by the virtual artist Hatsune Miku, but got itself the remix treatment from Pharrell, and an animated video done in Murakami’s characteristic “superflat” visual style—the artist himself makes a cameo. Be warned, though: this leans heavily on the J-Pop side of the spectrum. We’ll let you be the judge.

This isn’t the first time that Pharrell has worked with the Japanese artist: the two teamed up with a well-known jeweler to design a sculpture, Simple Things, for an art show in Basel, Switzerland. And Murakami is no stranger to the more fashion-forward in the hip hop world, having directed the video for Kanye West’s “Good Morning,” from his Graduation album:

You can see a trailer of Murakami’s debut film below:

Main Image: Screen Capture/YouTube

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