This week, Shin-Ei Animation announced that a brand-new 3D CG Pui Pui Molcar movie is coming out this year. A short trailer was released, but details about the movie remain sparse, beyond a quick glimpse of Potato, the main Molcar, rendered in 3D.

Pui Pui Movie to Be Directed By Mankyu

The movie is being directed by Mankyu, a moviemaker and screenwriter known for previous anime movies such as Migi & Dali and Sumikko Gurashi the Movie: The Unexpected Picture Book and the Secret Child. Hardcore fans need not fret as original series director for Pui Pui Molcar, Tomoki Misato, will still be involved as chief supervisor. Yuuko Kakihara (Cells at Work!, Persona 4: The Animation), who will act as the scriptwriter, has also gone on record to share her love for Pui Pui Molcar. We can only expect good things from such an experienced team that will, no doubt, be treating the production of the movie with real care.

About Pui Pui Molcar

Pui Pui Molcar is a Japanese stop-motion series set in a world where humans drive sentient vehicles called Molcars that are half guinea pig and half motor vehicle. Co-produced by Shin-Ei Animation, Japan Green Hearts and Bandai Namco Entertainment, the series first aired in January 2021, making this month its 3rd anniversary.

Each episode goes for about two minutes and focuses on the Molcars and their adventures alongside their friends and drivers. The word “Molcar” is derived from molmot, the Japanese term for guinea pig and car. While the show was originally aimed at young children, the cuteness and likability of the Pui Pui Molcar characters have helped the series garner fans of all ages. There are several lines of Pui Pui Molcar merchandise, including a collaboration with Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. There is also a video game that was released for the Nintendo Switch.

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