Your favorite anime girl rock stars are now closer than ever, as exclusive merch available in Lawson convenience stores. Starting from March 5, the Bocchi the Rock! x Lawson campaign will offer a range of limited prizes featuring original illustrations, acrylic stands and chocolate.

Bocchi the Rock! Merch

Purchasing three of the several eligible Meiji confectioneries will give you the chance to pick your choice of clear file, featuring Bocchi, Nijika, Ryo, Seika and more. There are six variations in total featuring a different Bocchi the Rock! character. This means if you want to complete the set, you have an excuse to overload on chocolate. For the super Bocchi fans with a sweet tooth, you can even buy a Meiji Chocolate Box (¥758) which comes with five pocket-pack-sized chocolate and Bocchi The Rock! character illustrations on the outside. These also come with original magnets. Ten magnets in total make up the set which can be joined together to make one long illustration to adorn your fridge.

By buying two Monster Energy drinks you can also get cute backstage pass stickers with chibi illustrations of the girls.

And if you want merch with Bocchi and the gang without the drinks and snacks, you can grab acrylic keychains and standees from ¥770 and ¥1,650 respectively.

In addition to this, there are acrylic stand coasters, T-shirts and a cap that can also be ordered via the Loppi self-service system in-store or online at HMV&BOOKS.

When to Get the Bocchi the Rock Goods

Goods will be available while stocks last. In our experience, some Lawson stores might run out of popular characters quickly while others will have stock. Your best bet at getting a full set of any of these items will be to go explore a more residential area that has several different Lawson convenience stores so you can try your luck several times.

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