If you’ve been on the market for some cool looking gamer clothes, look no further than the recent BlackMilk x Super Mario collaboration. This restock comes just in time for the global release of Princess Peach: Showtime!, an upcoming adventure game for the Nintendo Switch.

Stylish Mario Fashion Featuring Heroes and Villains

The collection is back by popular demand and features not just the main Super Mario characters but also enemies and bosses which, let’s admit, we love just as much. This includes activewear shorts called the Bowser HW Smack Downs, the Boo Tie Front Tee plus the Piranha Plants Sheer Midaxi Dress and Warp Pipes Business Time Shirt with the iconic vicious plants all over them. For something that’s a little more “cottagecore,” we love the Toad’s printed fabric which has been turned into a pink apron dress and two variations of blue T-shirt dresses. Perfect for summer is the Yoshi Garden Mini Strappy Dress that also comes as cuffed shorts. 

Stealing the spotlight in this collection, however, is undoubtedly all things pink and Princess Peach. We particularly love the Princess Peach argyle print which goes on both a short sleeve dress and on cuffed pants for that punk racer vibe. There’s also a pink and white crop top and active leggings bearing Princess Peach’s iconic crown. This look is perfect for looking cute at the gym and a reminder that Peach isn’t a damsel in distress anymore. Last but certainly not least, let the world know that you are team Peach with the Princess Peach Shiny Bomber Jacket. 

More Information on the Collection

According to the BlackMilk Clothing website, there is no end date for the collaboration. However, some pieces have limited availability so it’s best to buy your favorite pieces as soon as you can. Others are marked “7 Day Unlimited,” which means you have until March 12 to purchase before preorders close. 

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