The latest Jujitsu Kaisen volume was just released in Japan this week. To promote volume 27, a Jujutsu Kaisen live action video was released. This volume depicts the entirety of the “Foolish Survivor” arc, also known as the Takaba vs Kenjaku fight. While many know the overall series for its heart-stopping action and cool characters like Gojo Satoru, this particular segment featuring a comedian was made funnier in more ways than one.

The Foolish Survivor Arc

Many have called this volume “one of the best fights in manga” which is a huge accolade considering the high stakes of shonen manga these days. However, the blending of humor in this arc is what really makes this volume stand out.

A Teaser and a Trailer

On July 3, the Shonen Jump YouTube channel released an incredibly “serious” looking preview into the supposed live action. This clip included a deep and ominous voiceover followed by a fast-paced flip through the actual manga pages. The voiceover might sound scary but the lines include the following references to comedy such as, “He said only those who understand should laugh” and, “A large group of comedians are putting their lives on the line.” It was also accompanied by teaser images of a live-action version of Takaba.

At midnight on July 4, the actual skit was then released, titled “Fanta Academy’s Superhuman Teacher.” This short clip showcases Takaba as a teacher, asking his students, “If my boyfriend was a Jujutsu sorcerer, what kind of person would he be?” The student responds with a somewhat cringe pun about curtains (in reference to a curtain technique in the series) before Kenjaku suddenly appears. 

We have to admit that the skit overall isn’t very funny at all, but this in itself is what makes it funny as Takaba’s character from the manga is known for his bizarre humor that no one understands. It’s the perfect kind of absurd comedy that fans would love and inadvertently hype them up for the full volume. And seeing as the video got over a million views in less than 24 hours, it’s certainly comedy that appeals to some.

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