The weather is getting warmer, early sakura blossoms are blooming and the feeling of a new beginning permeates the air. We at Tokyo Weekender are certainly ready to ring in the spring season, with all the hope and excitement it brings. In the cosmos, chatty Mercury enters bold Aries on March 9, loosening up our vocal cords and empowering us to speak up. Then we’ll have a new moon in poetic Pisces, letting us embark on a new cycle thoughtfully. With artistic Pisces and fiery Aries providing good vibes this week, it’s a great time to explore your creative inclinations and speak up for the things that truly matter.

Keep reading below for your sign’s weekly horoscope, and make sure to check both your sun and rising signs.


With Mercury entering your home sign later this week, you’ll be feeling even more bold and vocal than usual, Aries. Speaking your truth is important; just be cautious of your word choice when you’re heated up. Taking a step back can give you a better view of the whole picture.


With Mercury illuminating your 12th house of the subconscious and spirituality this week, you can expect some insights to come to you in the form of a dream or passing thought. Log your dreams and emotions in a journal to help ground your heightened senses.


You’ll find that communication comes easily to you as your ruling planet Mercury enters Aries. Your words will carry more weight this week, so make sure the tea you’re spilling comes from a good place, and steer clear of malicious gossip.


You’ll get everything you ask for this week, Cancer — but it’s up to you to do the asking. Harness the power of divine communicator Mercury transiting into Aries, as well as the energy of the new moon in fellow water sign Pisces, and vocalize your intentions clearly.


Give yourself permission to be honest with yourself this week, Leo. You might be feeling overexerted, and Mercury’s transit into fellow fire sign Aries might burn a little too brightly and tire you out. Take advantage of the new moon on March 10 to reevaluate your limits.


Your planetary ruler Mercury transits into your 8th house of transformation, so you’ll be focused on better ways to invest in yourself and your family. Use the intuition the new moon brings to solidify your priorities.


As Mercury transits into your 7th house of relationships, you might feel some shifts in your most important connections. Change isn’t a bad thing, but it’s usually challenging; take time for self-care this week.


With Mercury moving into your 6th house of health, you might find yourself being more vocal about your mental state. Take the new moon in fellow water sign Pisces to reconnect with your body and recalibrate your definition of wellness.


The transit of Mercury into fellow fire sign Aries ushers in luck and abundance; some opportunities will be coming your way, so don’t be afraid to speak up, and do try to get in some rest while you can in the last days of Pisces season. Use the energy of the new moon on March 10 to reset your career goals so they fit with the person you’re evolving into.


This is a big week of communication for you, Cap, so trust that your voice will carry. The sun in Pisces is lighting up your 3rd house of communication and social activity. On top of that, divine messenger Mercury enters Aries on March 9, so you’ll feel super empowered by your ability to communicate your thoughts effectively.


Wealth and abundance are flowing naturally to you right now, Aquarius. Let conversations and thoughts about money flow, but don’t get stuck in the confines of material wealth. Use the new moon on March 10 to brainstorm innovative ways to encourage wealth in your life.


Soak up all the good energy of the rest of your season, Pisces. The confidence boost and the warmth of your solar return will stick around for another couple weeks, so take advantage of it — especially during the new moon in your home sign on March 10. Use the lunar reset to make proactive plans while you’re on a roll.

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