YouTube fame is a fickle thing: thousands of creators struggle to come up with viral videos, only to see them flop, and every now and then you get someone like Piko Taro who seems to come out of nowhere and grab the video watching world’s attention with “PPAP.”

But we’re not quite sure how to categorize this trending video. In short, it’s a story about a guy named Jun, of the quite popular Jun’s Kitchen YouTube channel, and a rusty knife.

Jun bought the knife from a guy at a recycle shop, and transforms it, with the help of some industrial cleaners and plenty of elbow grease, into a shining wonder. He then shows off his kitchen skills – which are impressive – with the knife, working magic on the produce in his home.

So far, so simple, right? But there seems to be something else, given the fact that the video is quickly racking up views (just shy of 8 million views now) that we can’t quite put our finger on. Is it the two cats in the video, one of them who seems to be fascinated by the knife polishing? Is it Jun’s winning smile? Is it the impressive knife work at the end of the video?

We’re still trying to figure it out. Tell us what you think in the comments below.