Major Japanese glasses manufacturer Zoff has teamed up with Swedish designer Lisa Larson, known and loved around the world for those cute cats with the adorable smirks on their faces, to launch the world’s first glasses frames featuring Larson’s designs.

They’re perfect – dare we say purrfect – for adding an original and playful twist to your daily outfit. The line includes four designs in three different colors, including Oval, great for reading glasses, the classically-styled Wellington, and the trendy Boston. Using grains and enamels as the main motif, the glasses each have a warm, natural, Northern European touch and work perfectly for any occasion. Familiar characters from the Swedish designer like Mikey, Sketch Mikey, Harinezumi and Minmi are playfully incorporated into the patterns and parts: look closely and you’ll find details like Mikey’s striped tail or Minmi’s outfit adding a splash of fun. Each pair comes in at 9,000 yen plus tax.


Every pair comes with a case and cleaner, on which you’ll find a slightly intellectual-looking Mikey designed exclusively for the collaboration. The line will be in stores from December 23, but those who want to get a head start are welcomed to pre-order through Zoff’s official online store.

For more information, visit, PR TIMES (Japanese only)