Japan has long been praised for its high-quality skincare products that enhance women’s natural looks.

Rather than covering up with layers of makeup, Japanese skincare products allow natural beauty to shine by creating luminous and smooth skin. Using well-established knowledge and know-how from local Japanese towns and cities, Loft has teamed up with no. 1 Beauty magazine Biteki and “Act On TV,” a cable TV program offering lifestyle and beauty tips to its viewers.

Starting from January, the project will use each platform to discover and explore Japanese skincare products with roots in rural Japan, introducing products through Biteki’s pages, offering tips on usage along with other beauty information through “Act On TV,” and offering the newly-discovered products for purchase at Loft and through its online store.


From left: Hokkaido (Porecover Milkywhite) 20g: 2,980 yen (plus tax)
(RICEKIN Bihadaranman) 120g: 1,800yen (plus tax)
(Peeling Gel OBLADI plus) 250ml: 2,480 yen (plus tax)

Products vary from makeup bases to peeling gels, and each contains rare and valuable ingredients specific to their region. For January, featured products include Hokkaido’s Porecover Milkywhite, a makeup base made from the award-winning milk of a local delicacy contest.

Akita, the Japanese prefecture known for its bijin (beautiful women), introduces us to its rich foam wash which is also great for a daily face mask. The face wash is made by lavishly using rice bran from Bihadaranman, a sake fermented with care in Akita’s ice-cold climate.

From Kagawa in Shikoku comes a peeling gel made from the local wildflower yukionoshita which has been known for generations as a great healing plant, and has recently been discovered to have high moisturizing properties as well.


The project will feature as its official MC popular beautician Kenichi Ogura, known as “Ogunee.” Beginning from January 6 at Tokyo Skytree Town, he’ll be participating in special beauty events all around Japan, so for those who are keen to discover the depth of what local Japan can truly offer, visit PR TIMES for dates, locations and further information (Japanese only).