Looking for some great new fragrances? Head to Le Sillage, a new boutique in Higashiyama, Kyoto.

The boutique is owned by Shinpei Yonekura, who studied at Ateliers Aromas and Parfums Paris. Before opening the store, he made visits to various fragrance stores in Paris including Nose, Sens Unique, Liquids Perfume Bar and more.

Le Sillage is not simply a multi-brand fragrance store, but a place to pick up information on fragrances and enjoy scents. Unique seminars and workshops take place to help guests better understand their favorite fragrances. Choosing a fragrance requires time and concentration, and at Le Sillage, guests can make themselves at home with free drinks during consultations.

Le Sillage stocks many niche fragrances from artisanal perfumers, who produce on a much smaller scale than those sold in mainstream retailers. These high-quality fragrances employ expensive and rare natural perfumes. Le Sillage carries over 130 fragrances from 12 brands including CIRO, the Different Company and more.

For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)