Lauded as the Instagram beauty trend of 2018, the #sheetmaskselfie has been posted by the likes of Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid, and other trendsetters. But while their face mask choices (and poses) are admirable, they’ve got nothing on these Japanese designs…

Design Face Pack by Isshindo Honpo

Known as much for their confectionery as for their fascinating face mask designs, Isshindo Honpo has a range of photogenic packs. There’s no shortage of ways to dress up your skincare routine, from Darth Vader to Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, a Titan (as in the manga Attack on Titan), and a Kyogeki mask, which will transport you to the stage of ancient Chinese theater. Hyaluronic acid and collagen keep your skin plump, while anti-inflammatory lavender provides a calming fragrance. ¥900,

Akaoni Nebuta FacePack by Nebuta Style

Scare your wrinkles away while soothing your skin in this homage to Aomori’s famed Nebuta Matsuri. Depicting one of the festival’s iconic paper lanterns, the mask softens skin with the help of East Asian Cherry extract and collagen. ¥650,

Art Point Pack by Sunsmile

Worried that full face sheet masks are already yesterday’s trend? Fear not, there’s more. Instead of covering your whole face, these point packs moisturize and tone where needed without having to use multiple masks. Point packs include collagen, hyaluronic acid, and placental extract, all ingredients with moisturizing and skin toning benefits. ¥324,

Choosy Art Lip Pack by Sunsmile

To keep your kisser smoochable, try a mask for your lips. Hydrogel keeps the lip mask fitted to your face and, combined with ingredients infused with vitamin E, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, moisturizes your lips. Simply keep the mask on for five to 30 minutes for Kardashian-worthy plumpness without the injections. We love the colorful Rainbow Kiss for a pop of color. The mask is also apparently effective on nipples, but don’t take our word on that one. ¥324,

Pack Me Custom Sheet Mask Packaging by Sunsmile

If you’re not into the sheet mask selfie, then here’s another idea: give a personalized set as a gift. Simply upload a photo to the Sunsmile system (only available in Japanese but it’s not too hard to figure out), add some text and graphics, pay online, and it’ll be delivered to you. The mask inside is a Pure Smile Pearl Essence Mask, which contains collagen, and Coenzyme Q10. Set of 20 ¥7,000,