In case you missed the much hyped and talked-about Tokyo Station Vision light projection on the newly restored Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, now is your chance to catch a more seasonal but similar event at the same venue.

Just when you thought you could not possibly handle more illuminations this festive season (hang in there, Christmas is mere days away…!), all those bright lights are culminating in one big hurrah, and it’s taking place at the gorgeous new Marunouchi wing at Tokyo Station.

When the building re-opened a couple of months ago after a five-year-long restoration project, the revamped European-like building stole the spotlight in Tokyo, getting all the attention with a lights show and even hosting a special train-themed art exhibit.

In order to end a 2012 year full of changes, Marunouchi presents Tokyo Michiterasu 2012, dubbed “an unforgettable lightning experience for the holidays”.  The theme emphasizes “history, future and hope”, which perfectly depicts the transformation Tokyo Station underwent. In addition to thousands of shiny lights, including revolving lanterns along Gyoko-dori Avenue, the event features state-of-the-art 3D projection mapping displayed on the newly restored Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building.

If you wonder, what exactly 3D projection is, it’s a method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane, such as buildings, synchronizing the real world with a virtual one. As for the “michiterasu” part, it’s derived from a Japanese term with multiple meanings, including shedding light on the road ahead, on the people, the city and the future.

The projection is happening over the course of a full week, so we’re hoping this can ward off space and crowds issues which some found a problem last time round…

Tokyo Station Michiterasu (Japanese)

When: Friday, Dec. 21 through Friday, Dec. 28

Where: Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, and throughout Marunouchi (see map)

How much: Free

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