Tokyo Station Vision

Tokyo Station Hotel projection mapping

Something fans of classical architecture and laser shows can get down with this weekend – don’t miss out.

With state-of-the-art ‘projection mapping’ technology, high-definition CG images will be projected on the Tokyo Station Marunouchi building to create a new world of dynamism, and celebrate the re-opening of the Tokyo Station Hotel. There are no screens involved; you will have to see it to believe it.

Designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan, the easily recognizable contemporary yet classic Tokyo hotel has managed to preserve its deep-rooted heritage after undergoing a (not-so-small) facelift.

The beautiful red brick facade has been renewed with care and will provide a deserved “new” landmark for Tokyo Station and the city as a whole. Additions to the building seem tasteful but the real stars are the three large domes, two of which, on the north and south, were destroyed by Allied bombing in May 1945. The red bricks are perhaps more familiar to Europeans than those of us in Japan and are worth checking out in all their glory; in fact the whole Tokyo Station area around Marunouchi has been subjected to some major changes lately and it’s worth stopping by and walking around to take in the updated landscape.

For two days only, a lucky few (or crowds of them) will be able to catch the grand spectacle of high-tech images projected – ‘mapped’ – from hundreds of highly accurate lamps onto its facade: a great experience to share with fellow Tokyoites and feel the history and future of the railway station. Gather your friends before a big night out on the town, or come along with your family – it’s free, and it’s your chance to say hello to the revamped Tokyo Station Hotel, as it will begin “a new chapter as a unique establishment with advanced facilities, the refined class of an Important Cultural Property, and nearly 100 years of history.”

(Click here to read in more depth about the restoration).

Tokyo Station Vision, see website here (Japanese only)

When: Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 22-23 (20:00/20:20/20:40)

Where: Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku (see map)

How much: Free

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by Vivian Morelli

  1. I’ve never seen any event as poorly managed as this one in Japan. They plan a big public event that will attract thousands and then they fail to plan for space for the audience to stand. We were there last night. They didn’t close down the streets where this was going on so you had cars driving through a crowd of thousands who were being herded around by loudspeaker-wielding officials from one nonexistant spot to another. They cancelled the whole thing after just one show which was partially blocked from view by construction and equipment. The light show appeared to be pretty cool – too bad few could really enjoy it. Who planned this thing?

  2. That’s a real Shame, Jay. I wonder if anyone else had a similar/the opposite experience?

    I had been looking forward to the but was unable to attend unfortunately.

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