Combat the end of Golden Week blues by planning a few days of art viewing. Here are six of our favorite exhibitions showing this month to keep you inspired (see even more on our events calendar)…



Jessica and Anne Marie, C-print, 2012, ©Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley: Body Loud!

One of the things that Ryan McGinley is celebrated for is photographing his wide circle of friends. And to put it bluntly, McGinley’s friends – who include artists, musicians, and models – are probably cooler than yours. Captured in various states of undress, cavorting through natural environments, the subjects of the American photographer are sometimes vulnerable, other times alluring – but always compelling. As you gaze on pieces that range from the massive “Yearbook” – made up of hundreds of studio shots mounted on one wall of the Opera City Gallery – to a collection of somber-toned silver gelatin prints, make up your own mind whether you agree with the 2014 GQ article that dubbed McGinley “the most important photographer in America.”

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
Dates: Until July 10, 2016
Map and contact details here.


The Wave, 2015 © Ville Andersson

Ville Andersson: An Introduction

In reference to the exclusive use of black, white and grey in his works, Finnish visual artist Ville Andersson says, “I want to reduce things I find unnecessary. I deal a lot with silence in my art. For me, a whisper can sometimes be more powerful than a loud shout.” This nominal aesthetic is on display in this anthology spanning his much-lauded career, with his carefully staged and costumed photographs being a highlight.

Diesel Art Gallery
Dates: Until May 20, 2016
Map and contact details here.

Roppongi Crossing

Matsukawa Tomona, Please wait for me until 4:00 am, 2015, Oil on wood panel, 130.3 x 194 cm, Courtesy: Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo

Roppongi Crossing 2016: My Body, Your Voice

Twenty contemporary artists from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are teaming up to put together an exhibit in which they explore the idea of “who am ‘I’?” The artists are striving to answer questions of identity, and how their environment, the people they have known, and their history have shaped who they have become. The gallery will feature sculptures, short films, photographs, and fine arts centered around this theme.

Mori Art Museum
Dates: Until July 7, 2016
Map and contact details here.

Game On

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Game On: Why Are Videogames So Interesting?

The special exhibitions at Miraikan always make another visit to the innovative Odaiba museum worth your while, and this exploration of the evolution of videogames is no exception. Didactically, the social and cultural impact of games is analyzed, and visitors are given a look into the gaming future. But, most notably, over 120 titles from the history of computer games are fully playable within the exhibition, making the most out of the interactive component of the museum.

Dates: Until May 30, 2016
Map and contact details here.

Raizan Yasunaga

Raizan Yasunaga: Recent Works

Represented by Dialogue Gallery, Raizan Yasunaga presents his collection of ceramic art at White Space Omotesando. Yasunaga is based in Karatsu, a town on the western tip of Kyushu that has been renowned for its pottery since the late 16th century. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, including concepts such as selflessness and nothingness, he creates works ranging from traditional tea bowls to modern plates and avant-garde vases. His works are rooted in Japanese traditions and aesthetics, hence celebrating imperfection, rusticity and simplicity.

White Space Gallery
Dates: May 21-22, 2016
Map and contact details here.

Nico Perez

Nico Perez: Stills from Life

The second solo exhibition by Nico Perez displays a multitude of photographs that portray a wide range of subjects, giving a visual interpretation on things such as everyday life, fashion, friends, beauty and casual encounters. The exhibition presents a glimpse through the eyes of the photographer and how he sees everything as a personal experience.

AL Gallery
Dates: May 13-15, 2016
Map and contact details here.

Main image: Jacob (Red Blueberry), C-print, 2015, © Ryan McGinley