As a city filled with culture, art hubs can be found spread throughout Tokyo. But right now, the place that has everyone buzzing is Tennozu Isle, a patch of reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay, where, removed from the chaos of the city, visitors can unwind while feeling the ocean breeze.

Storage company Warehouse Terrada has taken the lead in rebranding the spacious isle as an art hub, exhibiting art through the medium of storage. Wine cellars, galleries, media storage: the company’s uniqueness and creativity inspires us to rethink the various forms art can take.


Warehouse Terrada’s latest attempt to stir up the art experience focuses on architectural models. Named the Architecture Model Workshop, the new space is dedicated to displaying the relationship between architecture and people and innovative ways to deal with open space.

Visitors are welcomed to step into the unfamiliar world of architectural modeling as craftsman work on their delicate and detailed models, giving guests a peek into this largely unknown, peculiar process.

Original items such as silhouette models, as well as various workshops and events that dig deep into the attractions of architectural models, are also on offer. You may even get the chance to make your very own model in the attached production space.


For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only) or Warehouse Terrada’s official page.