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Tokyo’s Best Winter Illuminations For 2021-2022

It's time to turn on the lights

By Weekender Editor

While Christmas in Tokyo may not evoke the same nostalgic sentiment as New York City’s Rockefeller Center or Vienna’s Christmas Market, it makes up for it with millions of dazzling LED lights. Perfect for a romantic stroll, family outing or meetup with friends, the vast lineup of majestic light shows will bring smiles to everyone from across the globe, even the North Pole.

1. Tokyo Skytree Town Magical Christmas

Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Skytree Town will be decked out in Christmas colors and lights. An eight-meter Christmas tree will be on display decked out with gorgeous lights. Not to mention the Tokyo Skytree Town ice skating park will also be open until March 6, 2022. Enjoy the festive messages lit up on Tokyo Skytree while ice skating with friends, family and loved ones this holiday.

When: Until Dec 25
Where: Tokyo Skytree

2. Roppongi Hills Christmas 2021

Roppongi Hills comes to life when the whole complex is ablaze with light, celebrating the season all the way along Keyakizaka-dori, Mohri Garden and the Christmas tree at Roku-Roku Plaza. Watch some 70,000 lights glitter along the elegant streets of Roppongi. Make the most of the holiday season as you stroll through the stores and hunt for festive mulled wine.

When: Until Dec 25
Where: Keyakizaka-dori (next to Roppongi Hills)

3. Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2021

Using the concept of “Vivid,” this year’s festive event will present an exciting and colorful Christmas scene. In addition to the tree illumination, there will be snow globes trapping the beautiful moments of the four seasons, vibrant trees marking the countdown to Christmas and other installations, including the popular skating rink, that will heighten your anticipation for the holidays.

When: Until Dec 25
Where: Tokyo Midtown

4. Omohara Christmas Illumination

Omohara no Mori, on the rooftop of Tokyu Hands Omotesando, lights up during the holiday season. The illumination is designed to emanate a warm and relaxing feel using blue and white lights that complement the surrounding nature. On your way down, be sure to do some Christmas shopping as the stores feature various Christmas-themed items and gifts for your loved ones.

When: Until Dec 25
Where: Omohara No Mori (6th floor of Tokyu Hands Omotesando Harajuku)

5. Tokyo Mega Illumination 2021

This mega illumination event will open for its third year, not succumbing to the difficulties brought upon by the pandemic. You’re sure to be mesmerized by the upgraded rainbow water fountain show. When visiting, allow yourself extra time — a circuit of the facilities takes about an hour and features many different illumination areas.

When: Until Jan 10
Where: Oi Racecourse

6. Baccarat Eternal Lights Illumination at Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place is a go-to location, in Tokyo, for a romantic winter illumination date. Every season, thousands of Tokyoites come to enjoy the small shops and see the decorated Christmas tree. Even more mesmerizing is the display of one of the world’s largest Baccarat chandeliers. This year’s illumination theme is “when there is light, there is hope.”

When: Until Jan 10
Where: Yebisu Garden Place

7. Twinkle Color Christmas 2021

This year, Shinjuku Southern Terrace will be lit with fantastical “Mirrorbowler” mirror balls and a Christmas tree in collaboration with Kiki & Lala, Little Twin Stars. Don’t miss out on the stunning Christmas tree decorated with pink and blue light baubles.

When: Until Feb 14
Where: Shinjuku Southern Terrace

8. Marunouchi Illumination 2021

As with every year, around 340 trees on both sides of Naka-dori in Marunouchi will be brightly lit by about 1.2 million “Champagne Gold” lights. The lights stretch along Tokyo Torch Park and Otemachi Naka-dori. Around Tokyo Torch Terrace, many restaurants and cafés will make terrace seats available, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the illuminations.

When: Until Feb 14
Where: Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas

9. Hibiya Magic Time Illumination 2021

The concept for this event is “a moment like magic.” Hibiya is a town that frequently appears in movies and television dramas, making it the best place to take a moment away from everyday life. The illuminations are champagne gold and amber, giving a warm and relaxing vibe to the whole area. Go to the Park View Winter Garden on the 6th floor for more illuminations and a beautiful view of city lights.

When: Until Feb 18
Where: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

Tokyo Dome City

10. Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination 2021

Tokyo Dome City’s illuminations are one of the most spectacular and interactive lights of the season. You’ll find magnificent tunnels of lights, a giant Christmas tree and dozens of winter-inspired sculptures scattered around the area. This year’s theme is “picture perfect illuminations.”

When: Until Feb 28
Where: Tokyo Dome City

11. Sagamiko Illumillion 2021

This winter, in addition to its regular display which uses six million LED lights, Sagamiko Illumillion features a Sailor Moon Eternal-themed area for fans of the franchise. Different locations in the world of Sailor Moon have inspired dedicated sections or attractions — it’s as if you are a part of the Sailor Guardians yourself! 

When: Until Apr 3
Where: Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest

12. Yomiuri Land Jewellumination 2021

The world’s only gemstone-inspired illumination event is taking place at Yomiuri Land. This year, there will be installations using LEDs that image the world’s first jewel LED color developed by Motoko Ishii.

The theme that Ishii chose for the 2021-2022 season is “The Glimmer of Hope! -Symphony of Diverse Lights-.” Various colorful illuminations come together to create a magical environment.

When: Until Apr 4
Where: Yomiuri Land

13. Odaiba Illumination “Yakei”

Odaiba’s all-year illumination “Yakei” looks even more magical than usual, with the 20-meter tall Memorial Tree illuminated with gorgeous lights, creating the illusion that the trees are covered in a light layer of snow. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of the classic “Odaiba” sign as well!

When: Year-round
Where: Odaiba Decks Tokyo Beach

Illuminations Near Tokyo

When: Until Feb 13
Where: From Yokohama Station to Sakura Street (Kanagawa)

14. Tobu Zoo Winter Illumination

Tobu Zoo hopes to bring smiles with its 2021 winter illumination event. At night, rides and other attractions such as the Ferris wheel and rollercoaster light up. A light show using music and CG animation is one of the many popular events, but also be sure to take a stroll around to spot the LED animals.

When: Until Feb 13
Where: Tobu Zoo (Saitama) 

14. Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination 2021

Celebrating its 16th anniversary in 2021, Tokyo German Village’s illumination event is a union of light and music. Walk under a river of lights, spot the different characters sculpted in the fields and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. This illumination is definitely worth the trip.

When: Until Mar 21
Where: Tokyo German Village (Chiba) 

Please note that this year, Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination and Meguro River Minna No Illumi have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Article compiled by Sayaka Mitsui. Updated for 2021-2022 by Lyn Tsuchiya.