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Kominka Stay at Ojika Island

Enjoy the day and night at one of six of these old-world Japanese folk houses

By Camilla Chandra

Escape the hustle of modern metropolis and soak in the rural and mind-soothing atmosphere of a kominka. With a history that dates back over a century ago, six kominka (traditional Japanese houses) have been renovated into enchanting rental stays while remaining true to their time-honored allures. Each residence is quietly tucked all over the Ojika Island, and as you step through the doors, time moves slower — or rather backward. Unwind under the scenic view of nature and star-dotted sky or have a chat with the local neighbors. From a secluded, charming gem nestled in an old fishing town, a majestic Japanese mansion that was once a samurai residence, to a serene glass-paned house overlooking a lush garden, you are guaranteed the comfort and beauty of the Japanese homes. The amenities suit modern convenience, with air conditioning, a floor heating system, and a well-furnished kitchen. Visit the world heritage sites, or indulge in local flavors at the Micheline-featured Fujimatsu — in or out, you are sure to have a slow and nostalgic relaxation.

Address: Ojika, Kitamatsuura, Nagasaki (location varies)


Tel: 0959-56-2646

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