Kayak Your Way Around Sakurajima, Kagoshima’s Active Volcano

Discover another side to Kagoshima’s landmark Sakurajima by taking a kayak tour. Several different tours are available, ranging from 3-hour geo tours to all-inclusive full day adventures. You can visit an uninhabited island or test the waters at a hot spring source in the middle of the sea, complete with an oceanside view of the magnificent Sakurajima.

How Much: Tours start from ¥8,000 per person

Address: Meeting point at Kokuminshokuya parking lot

1722-16 Sakurajima Yokoyama-cho, Kagoshima

Website: sakurajima.gr.jp/program/sea/   

Kayaks Kagoshima k-kayaks.com

Email: nomoto@k-kayaks.com

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