Kit Kat store makes a worldwide debut in Tokyo


As one of the only countries that creates flavors of chocolate that includes wasabi, potatoes, soybeans, macha tea, and any fruit combination imaginable, it is only fitting that Tokyo will host the world’s first and only Kit Kat Chocolatory store.

By Sami Kawahara

The Kit Kat has made its way into the heart of Japanese treats and culture, as it represents both a token of good luck, particularly for students, as well as specific prefectures with special editions of Kit Kats throughout the country.

Kit Kat, pronounced in Japanese as “Kitto Katto,” has in turn been rendered as “Kitto Katsu,” literally translating into a common good luck phrase, “you will surely win.” This is usually said to students before a school exam. Nestle took this idea and ran with it, marketing a multitude of flavors that students could give to each other as a good luck charm.

The Kit Kat craze has led the brand to the Kit Kat Chocolatory, opening today in Seibu department store’s food basement in Ikebukuro. The chocolatory has brought in pastry chef, Yasumasa Takagai, to help develop the seasonal Kit Kats that will be sold amongst the other unique flavors.

From January 17 to 23, the store will offer the Tohoku region limited edition flavor (zunda: mashed edamame, folks!) to the first 100 people each day who buy more than ¥4,200 at the Chocolatory, in celebration of the store’s opening.

We look forward to seeing what new combinations they can add to their current 200 plus flavor selection. And as a side note, here are a few our favorites so far:

Apricot Seed

Kit Kat Apricot Seed  Flickr/Michael Martin

Chocolate Banana

Kit Kat Chocolate BananaFlickr/Michael Martin

French Salt

Kit Kat French SaltFlickr/Michael Martin

Azuki Bean

Kit Kat Azuki BeanFlickr/Michael Martin

Fruit Parfait

Kit Kat Fruit ParfaitFlickr/Michael Martin

And last but certainly not least…

Kit Kat Sports Drink

…Sports Drink?

Main image: jpellgen/Flickr



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