Every other month, Tokyo Weekender creates and celebrates the non-digital and tangible parts of culture with our magazine parties, where you can see, touch and read our latest issue. This time, we partnered with Millennials of Tokyo (MoTKY), one of the capital’s most welcoming communities, to throw a huge party spread over two floors of Or, Miyashita Park. On Friday, October 13, we picked out costumes (or at least dressed with a Halloween vibe) to celebrate the new issue of TW.

Second Floor — The Party People Floor

For this party, MoTKY took over the second floor to bring the party element with the help of three DJs: DJ ChamCham, DJ Johnny Massacre and DJ Sean, also known as Literally A Mother of 2, who is the event organizer of RagTag Socials.

The second floor of Or was also the perfect backdrop for spooky Halloween photos as the walls are filled with the art of Shohei Otomo. Michael Holmes Photo, from MoTKY, set up a photo spot with photos streaming directly onto the third floor monitors. From Harry Potter characters and vampires, to 1980s pop culture monsters and Salvador Dali, many of the guests grabbed the opportunity to dress up for the event.

Third Floor — Chat and Connect

Here we hung out with the coolest Tokyoites, including TW readers, a whole host of writers, photographers, designers and artists who are part of the magazine in some shape or form. With some of our interviewees present, the magazine pages came to life. DJ Doo brought his perfectly grotesque creations and let us touch them. The realism was uncanny. Fashion designer Maia Lilford decorated the exhibit window and attended the event alongside the other Voice of Tokyo interviewees, Schyler Cole and Bektur Ryskeldiev. DJ NTsKi from this issue’s Music Pages section also joined us, as did photographer Anne Murayama, despite being busy with her new gallery, Ephemere.

TW x OR Original Cocktail

At TW, we love being creative, and also take that approach to the drinks for our magazine events. As is already becoming tradition, we designed an original cocktail just for this party in collaboration with Or, our host venue. In April we had a cherry blossom cocktail, in June we had a yuzu and orange-based cocktail and in August we had a summery pink cocktail with peach and cranberry. This time, to go with the theme, we had a blood-red cocktail. Playfully scary if you let your imagination wander, but actually lovely and sweet once you try it. The TW x OR cocktail was only available at this party, so for those who didn’t have the chance to taste it, we are sharing the recipe.

15ml vodka
30ml strawberry puree
30ml cranberry juice
Soda to fill up
One lemon slice

The early birds got a free glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne

Photo Gallery

As always, aside from the people creating the TW issue, we had wonderful guests from various companies, content creators, scientists, models and more. See a selection of photos from the night below.

Second Floor

All photos by Michael Holmes can be downloaded from this website.

Third Floor