Tokyo Weekender’s series TW Creatives features various works by Japan-based writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators and other creatives in a bid to provide one additional platform for them to exhibit their talent. The works submitted here belong entirely to the creators. Tokyo Weekender only takes pride in being one of their most passionate supporters. This time, we introduce ZAK, a zine that brings all things Japanese to Prague, Berlin and Tokyo. 

ZAK covers many aspects of Japanese culture — art, design, craft, brands and so on. It follows that the creator of the zine, Lukas Holinka Intrika, takes pride in its quality of design and paper. The zine contains 56 full-color pages and it’s free. Published in Prague, Czech Republic, the quarterly zine is available in several Czech cities, as well as in Berlin and Tokyo (in TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS). ZAK is primarily in Czech, but an English translation of the contents can be found on the last few pages.

ZAK zine

ZAK 4 – Yudai Nishi article and artworks

About the creators

Lukas Holinka Intrika and Vaclav Stransky started the zine in 2019. But Lukas’s love for Japan goes back further. He has created T-shirt designs for the popular apparel brand BEAMS for their subbrand BEAMS T. He has also curated the Tokyo Stage at a major Czech design event and even opened his own art and zakka store in Prague. Zakka stores as a concept are all about miscellaneous goods that make people happy. ZAK is a little bit of a zakka in a way, as it contains miscellaneous bits of Japanese art and design that are eye-catching and intriguing.

Makito Takagi

Makito Takagi article and artworks in ZAK 7

ZAK has previously published work by several Japanese artists: Taku Obata, Yusuke Hanai, Magma, Masanori Ushiki, Daisak XXL, Yudai Nishi, Baku Takahashi, Cineca, Cojica Toys etc.

The most recent issue, ZAK 7, was published in May 2021, with the next one planned for August 2021. If you cannot get a copy, you can at least follow them on Instagram and check out their website.

Here are some of the contents they published in their previous issues.

Images from top left to bottom right:

ZAK 6 – Cojica Toys article and artwork | ZAK 7 — Masataka Kurashina article and artwork | ZAK 7 cover with Yoshihito Sakai’s artwork as a sneak peek for the upcoming ZAK 8 | ZAK 6 — Cineca article and artwork | Petr Holy’s article about Japanese toilets. 

Featured image from ZAK 4. All photos courtesy of ZAK Zine. 

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