Welcome back to Tokyo Weekender’s series, TW Creatives. In this series, we feature various works by Japan-based writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators and other creatives in a bid to provide one additional platform for them to exhibit their talent. The works submitted here belong entirely to the creators — Tokyo Weekender only takes pride in being one of their most passionate supporters! 

For our fourth entry, we present a few of the breathtaking photos Japan-based photographer Blake McCluney has taken over the years in various places across the country from Okinawa to Tokyo and everywhere in between. 

About the Photographer

Blake McCluney is a landscape, nature and travel photographer and videographer based in Southern Honshu, Japan. He travels the world with his camera capturing the unique beauty that each place has to offer. His work has been featured by The Lonely Planet, Visit OKC, Landscape Photo Hub and Japan Osaka City. Follow him on Instagram: @blake.mccluney or Facebook: @blakemccluneyphotography. For inquiries on prints for purchase, visit his official website at blakemccluney.smugmug.com.

Lotus Blossom

Iwakuni City in Yamaguchi Prefecture is known for its renkon (lotus). During the late summer months, the flowers blossom in a spectacular display of white and pink.

Rising Atop

The Iwakuni Castle atop a mountain on the Nishiki River in Yamaguchi Prefecture, was selected as one of Japan’s 100 Great Castles. This aerial photo was taken at dawn as the mist was rolling through the valleys.

Pinks & Yellows Along the Kose River

Each Spring along the Kose River in Fukuoka Prefecture, the sakura blossom alongside the Yellow rape (nonohana). The contrast of pinks and yellows provide amazing photo opportunities.

The Sunset Cape

Kasado Island in Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The sunsets here are so beautiful, this part of the island has been named “The Sunset Cape.”

 Mt. Fuji And The Clouds

The hulking Mount Fuji photographed from Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Prefecture. This long exposure captures the movement of the clouds and water giving a dreamy feel to the image.

Okinawa’s Untold Sunset Colors

Sunrise on Okinawa’s west coast. Amazing hues of turquoise and oranges provide some of the best sunrise scenes I have ever seen. The waves on the bottom of the frame show the scale of these immense cliffs.

Tokyo Buzz

A well know spot in Tokyo City, The Rainbow Bridge. I captured this image of the ferry boat crossing the scene by leaving the shutter open for about 30 seconds. The lights of the ferries add an extra element to the perpetual buzz around Tokyo.

A Rare Rainbow Flash

At certain times of the year when the tricky weather surrounding Mt. Fuji is just right, Shiraito Falls in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park flashes a rainbow for lucky visitors.

Morning Sunshine

Okinawa’s Cape Zanpa Lighthouse is a popular sunset destination. Less popular and less crowded are the sunrises. Because it is located on the tip of the Cape, it is a perfect location for sunrise and sunsets. This image was taken just as the sun rose above the horizon behind me, bathing the light house in the warm, morning sunshine.

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