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“It seems as though Mount Fuji has been there for quite a few pivotal moments in my life,” photographer Lisa Knight told us when she sent us a small selection of photos. She doesn’t really remember when she became obsessed with Japan’s holy mountain, but she does recall photographing it during her first visit in 2017. “[It was] soaring magnificently (and ever so symmetrically) over Lake Kawaguchi on the trip and that made me realize I needed to quit my job in Australia,” the photographer revealed. She has shared parts of her moving-to-Japan story with her Instagram followers, with poignant details about coming to the realization that life is too short and it can be cut even shorter.

Lisa Knight Mount Fuji

Photo taken on the banks of Oishi Park in Kawaguchiko

Another cherished memory of Knight’s is seeing Mount Fuji silhouetted amongst the pink hues of dusk from the plane window when she moved to Japan. This is such a coveted aerial view, that pilots often announce it to passengers. Knight fondly remembers flying to Kobe one summer, when she took the photo below. While chatting to the airport staff, she told them how much she loved Mount Fuji and they decided to upgrade her to a seat with a view of one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks.

Lisa Knight Mount Fuji

An aerial shot of Mount Fuji’s crater

Mount Fuji was in some way also a witness when Knight’s now-husband proposed to her in Shinjuku. “It was peeking over the top of the mountain ranges that morning,” she told us.

When they moved to Japan in 2020 and were looking for apartments, Knight joked that her only prerequisite was a view of Mount Fuji. “After searching for places to live and having absolutely no luck, a sudden and very random chain of events led us to our current apartment. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered that we would have the most perfect, uninterrupted views of Mount Fuji from our front door. I’ve had the most incredible luck witnessing a variety of sunrises and sunsets over Mount Fuji.”

Lisa Knight Mount Fuji

Lisa Knight Mount Fuji

Knight often tells her Instagram followers that trying to see Mount Fuji when in Japan is a must. Her tip for catching the best view is to visit between autumn and early spring. When the weather is cool and crisp, you can even see the zigzagging track marks up the mountain. Even then, she advises checking the hourly forecast, with the best bets being sunrise and sunset. When in Tokyo, go to an observatory, but it is even better to visit the Fuji Five Lakes area. “If I ever get rich you best believe I’ll be lazing around in my private Mt Fuji-facing onsen!” — one of her photo captions reads on Instagram.

Lisa Knight Mount Fuji

Photo from the popular Chureito Pagoda, near the Kawaguchiko Lake area

Aside from dreams of owning a ryokan near Lake Kawaguchiko, Knight’s next dream is to climb Mount Fuji. More specifically, she wants to take a photo of Mt Fuji’s shadow on the clouds at sunrise. Her plans previously got postponed, but she’s already planning for her next attempt.

Lisa Knight Mount Fuji

Short Bio

Lisa Knight is an Australian photographer and videographer currently living in Tokyo. Her photography weaves together the aesthetic and soulful beauty of Japan that seems to exist almost beyond reality. Knight has held solo exhibitions in Kobe and Tokyo, most recently at Shibuya Hikarie and The Hive Jinnan. Her Japan prints can be purchased (and shipped internationally) from her online store.

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Lisa Knight takes beautiful photos that are not necessarily only of Mount Fuji. A gallery of some of those shots can be seen below. Follow her Instagram for more.

Lisa Knight Profile photo

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